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Thread: Choosing Units

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    Right, I am pretty new to WHFB having migrated from 40K and have decided to play Bretonnians. (Partly due to the fact that I absolutly LOVE the plastic Knights)

    Anyroad, I am having real trouble coming up with a decent army list and am looking for a little help.

    Knights Errant - I have sorta dismissed these guys as for 4pts more I can get KotR that have better WS and Ld.

    Knights of the Realm - The mainstay of my force. I was planning to include 3 units of 9 in lance formations. Is this overkill. Should I be looking at;
    a) 2 units of 9 or
    b) 3 units of 6
    c) fine as 3x9

    Pegasus Knights - While the models are nice, i just believe that in a 1,500 point game they are too expencive. A unit of 3 seems like it could be too fragile and end up being shot out the sky, or ent stuck in CC separated from the rest of the army and them being overrun.
    a) How survivable are Pegasus Knights, is a unit of 3 strong enough?
    b) I know characters cant join flying units, but could a Paladin General on a Royal Pegasus hang around with the unit, and then charge at the same time? Basically two units working in tandem?
    c) In a 1,500 Pt game are Pegasus Knights best left behing in favor of more ground based troops?

    Questing Knights - The models I HATE, but, I can see these easily converted using the greatswords from the Empire Free Army box and the KotR box.
    1) Are these models worth the increased points cost?
    2) Do Questing Knights make a good retinue for a Warhorse based Paladin?

    Grail Knights - Briliant unit, but IMHO not worth the points in a 1,500 point army. Sure, in a 2000+ game I can see myself with a unit, but I believe there are more important units to be worrying about.

    Men At Arms - I really want to avoid an all Knight army to get away from teh Cheese factor. M@A have horrid horrid models iMHO, so I am lothed to include them.
    1) Are they really any good for anthing other than as a sacrificial unit?

    Archers - Decent models, decent weapons, but can get ex[pencive for what they are when kitted up with skirmishing and light armour. Also they seem a bit unfluffy seing as knights abhore ranged fighting.
    1) Are archers worth including
    2) Skirmish or Rank?

    Grail Relaque - Like this unit a lot, models are so so but I can get over that.
    1) Will this unit get left behind while the knights charge of. It seems that this unit can run into a lot of points for something that laggs so far behind the rest of the force
    2) How many pilgrins should be taken? 6?? 12? 18?

    Trebuchet Everybody loves (or hates) a stone thrower depending on which end of the stone you are at. This seems like it could help cause some decent damage before the knights charge in to finish people off.
    1) Is a trubuchet as good as it looks on paper?
    2) if the +1 Ld the Craftman offers worth the points, or should i concede that if my trebuchet is in CC then its as good as lost anyways.

    Paladin General
    1) The Killing Blow lance (forgot name) and virtue of the Joust - Good combo?
    2) What unit does he work best with

    Paladin BSB
    1) Magical banner or magical equip?
    2) Again, What unit. Should I be putting the General and BSB in the same unit, or separate

    1) Foot or horse? I have been verging towards on foot with a unit of skirmish archers, but would she be better on foot with a unit of KotR
    2) Lvl 1 or 2? All I see her as is a scroll caddy and for dispelling, not too fussed abourt her offencive powers.

    Right, thats me spent.

    Any help / insight into units you guys can give me will be much appreciated


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    Knights Errant: They are cheaper and they do get the Errantry banner, but they aren't as good as the Kotr.

    Knights of the Realm: They work well in a unit of 9-12 (due to ranks), I usually take at least 2, or if possible three units of 9-12. They are, after all, the backbone of the army, and they're required.

    Pegasus Knights: They are reasonably survivable, but as you said, they are pricy. In a unit of three or four they can be great war machine hunters. With two wounds each they stand a good chance of living into the second round of combat, if needed.

    Questing Knights: You really shouldn't hate them, they are a strong, reasonable priced unit. They have the Questing Vow and the great weapons, making them some of the only defensive units in the army. Plus, your paladin can be combined with them to make an even greater defensive unit.

    Grail Knights: These are the ones that are hard to decide on. They are strong, immune to psychology, and have 2 Attacks. On the other hand, they are expensive. IMO they are worth it to take in a unit of 5 for a 1,500pt army.

    M@A and Archers: Peasants are one of the reasons people end up taking all knight armies. They Have very low WS, average S, low Ld & I, and they cost more than they probably should. If you were to take Archers, then you should probably make them skirmishers because they are harder to hit.

    Trebuchet: The trebuchet is not a bad weapon, it has extended range and greater strength, but again it is run by peasants. This means low Ld and Ws for if they do get attacked. if you take them they need to be somewhere the enemy can never get to them. The Craftman is okay and can add Ld, but he doesn't do a whole lot for the Trebuchet.

    Grail Reliquae and Pilgrims: For a 1500 pt army, I would not recomend the PIlgrims. Normally they are great, but there just isn't enough points to be taking them along with the required unit of Grail Knights.

    Damsels: Nothing but scroll caddies IMO. Their magic isn't worth spending the points for. They are better off at Lv.1 w/ 2 Dispel Scrolls.

    Paladins: You must have at least one serve as your BSB. They are pretty good when it comes to fighting. I usually put the BSB in the KE unit if I chose to take one. Also, I put one in the Questing Knights unit and split the rest up among the Kotr units. They are good to top off a unit, especially because the knights come in boxes of 8 and they are usually used in multples of three.

    Mounted Yeomen: You forgot to mention these. Mounted Yeomen are cheap units and the only fast cav. in the army. Although they still suffer from the fact that they are peasants and they do have low Ld and WS, they are good in large units and they can be used to attract the attention of the opponent or to flank them.

    Hope I answered some of your questions,

    The Cap'n
    If a tree falls in the woods and there's no one 'round to hear it is it still my fault.

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    Pegasus knights may be expensive but I have found they are very useful for march blocking and destroying weak stuff like artillery, lone mages and even chariots. Well worth the points IMO.

    I dislike the MaA models too, and I do not think they are worth it. Archers are ok though, skirmishers are the better option in most cases.

    It seems with the questing knight models people either love them or hate them... I think they are ok, and they are certainly good ruleswise.

    Grail knights probably are too expensive, wait until at least 2k to take them.

    I don't like errant knights either, go for the realm ones. Units of 9 (or even better, 8 with a character) are best but you probably want at least one to be only 6 models since it can move around better and still hits pretty damn hard.

    Damsels are best on horse in the middle of a lance, but if you are using them ONLY for dispelling then it may be better to keep them back with archers. Remember they give magic resistance to the unit they are in though, so I like to keep them with knights.

    The trebuchet is good, but I don't think the crew man upgrade is worth it.

    What else...? Ah yes, the BSB probably works best with a magic banner. If you have the points then banner of the lady is great, it is probably only worth it in larger games though. Grail relique, I do not like them but if you do then go for it.
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    I think bsb is bes in a knights errant unit, I give him gromril helm to reroll his armor saves, then when I charge if there is an enemy character he probably wont wound you and you can let your knights win the combat, that way the enemy character won't be able to pick off a knight or 2. Also thi KE will have Ld8 because of the character. Having one unit of knights errant is better in my oppinion than one more unit of knights of the realm, charge an enemy unit with Ws 4 with them because they'll hit on 4+ anyways against Ws 3, Or 4, let the KOR take on the Ws 3, Then with the MUST TAKE errantry banner u have strength 6, with all that I think it makes a tough unit for relativly cheap points.

    Men at arms, not to bad when armed with spears and led by a knight hero, but i still wouldn't take em.

    Archers, allright, good for picking off enemy war machines and fast cavalry but don't take to many and don't rely on them.

    Pegasus knights are usefull even in a unit of 3, and if they do get shot up they're tough so they'll draw alot of fire away from your knights.

    Rail relique are worth it in a big enough unit, it comes with 6 pilgrims 12 more is pretty tough, remember its not llike 40k, invulnerable saves are taken after armour not instead and pilgrims get the blessing.

    Lastly, Mounted yeomen are quite usefull for screening a big unit of knights (because cannons are scary). Put the yeomen in front but a bit to one side, cannons must shoot at the center of a unit so that they cant overguesse the range and still get ya.

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