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    mean killing machine!

    don't know whether this character has been posted already, but here goes:

    bretonnian lord on hippogryph
    virtue of discipline
    cuirass of fortune
    sliver lance of the blessed

    my thoughts about this combo is that he can charge weak to semi-weak leadership regiments head on, 'cause they don't get +1 for outnumber, all 4 attacks of the lord will hit and wound, so the opposing unit loses CR with the number of wounds the hippogryph manages to cause. Of course it would be prefered for the lord to charge in the flank of the unit, which would definately make him break them. But the trick here is that he can take the right unit in the front, making him see combat earlier than normally where he would try to get the flank charge.
    I know some would say there's alot of points stacked in this character but as I see it, it's just a matter of taste and priorities. What it comes down to is to learn to play appropriately with him and then get some experience against different armies. On the other hand he will inevitably be the centerpiece of ones army and as such this character has alot of responsability on his shoulders so to speak, but then again that's the burden you have to carry for being a leader.

    what are your pros and cons?
    PS if anyone has ever actually played with this combo, it would be swell if you'd share your thoughts and experience with me - us.

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    Well it makes sense. I posted
    Royal Pegasus
    Virtue of Discipline
    The Grail Shield

    Basically if your going to use the hippogryph you want him mobile for the first half of the fight to try and terrorize everying. Then you probably dont want to expose it to too much CR because you arent much of a frontal fighter. Your much better off using the fact that your
    US5 to deny ranks etc... Whereas the paladin I described has been sufficient enough without going overkill to hold up units of regular troops even with full ranks and command. It doesnt work on very high quality units so know your limits.

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