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    Got my first taste of playing with Bret's today...

    And I must say it went very well. Was playing a very small game against Chaos (mortals) having another player walk me through a Fantasy game (I've only played 40k and have yet to read the Fantasy rule book since the new one is coming out within the week). We played a 600 point game in which I used the following:

    Damsel of the Lady (Life Magic)
    Lvl 2 Wizard, barded Bret Warhorse, Dispel Scroll

    Paladin (BS
    Warbanner, barded Bret Warhorse

    7x Knights of the Realm (joined by DotL and Paladin)
    Full Command

    16 M@A
    Full Command

    12 Peasent Bowmen

    3 Pegasus Knights

    He took (excuse my vague descriptions but I'm not familiar w/ Chaos units at all):

    Lvl 1 Wizard (Fire Magic)

    Hero on foot (2+ armor save)

    Unit of 11 heavily armored footslogging warriors (2+ armor save, joined by hero)
    Full Command

    Unit of 20 lightly armored infantry (4 or 5+ armor save, the models looked like barbarians swinging morning stars if that helps)
    Full Command

    Unit of 5 Fast Cavalry
    Full Command

    I must say that the game went very well. My PK's charged his Fast Cav. He decided to flee and never was able to regroup, running off the board. His heavily armored infantry unit was charged from the front by my KotR and flanked by my PK. He lost combat res by 10 and his unit was chased down by my KotR and destroyed. The PK overran into his Wizard who was forced to flee combat and chased down and killed by the PK. The PK overran that into the other infantry unit and along with a charge from the M@A was enough for him to concede before combat started (if that had lasted longer than one turn my KotR was going to charge him from his rear so it was a lost cause for him). The Bowmen didn't do too too well, only taking out 3 of his lighter armored infantry, however they were outside the 15" penalty free range the entire time. Overall, he was able to take out 1 Bowmen with a fireball. I suffered no other casualties. The only failed armor save i suffered in HTH combat was on my BSB in a challenge and I made the ward save . Overall was extremely fun. I can only look forward to expanding my armor and playing bigger games. I enjoyed it much more than 40k because of the added strategy involved and will most likely make this my main army.

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    Welcome to fantasy and congrats on your win!

    Bretonians, and your army in particular, are very good against expensive infantry (like chaos), and it sounded like you executed your strategy well. Here's my thoughts:

    the bret archers are really for shooting at things like fast-cav, war machines, and expensive unarmored foes. Since you destroyed the only really good target early on, it isn't suprising they didn't contribute too much. They'll help more against things like elves.

    In larger games, I think you might need a paladin to legally field the army, cause I think you need a character with leadership >= the BSB. But in really small (<1000 pts) games, especially informal ones, the damsel is fine.

    Incidentally, he was using Chaos Warriors (heavy infantry), Marauders (with flails), and Marauder Horsemen (fast cav). He probably would have been better off leaving the marauders at home, and using some ogres or something to flank.

    Good luck with the Brets!
    Arena of Death Champion: Nexim of the Guldskullz Tribe. Fear my wrath!

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    The army is legal as it is, but another Paladin is a good investment any way as you expand to larger battles.

    Don't lose faith with the Bowmen just yet, you'll have plenty of games for them to do something. If they do nothing, it doesn't really matter as they are cheap as chips.

    Your opponent's army was a good macth-up for you, but well done on the win. We take every win we can get.

    What units are you looking to add as you expand?
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    Orcs & Goblins 0/1/0
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