hi all,

i've have thought for a while of doing a crusading army that left mousilion while it was 'in the kings good books' then came back and was sent packing so has left fair bretonnia to the lands of khemri to seek a glorious death 'sorta slayer thing going on'. the whole army has black armour(blue tinge) and the heraldry is made of black and white, all with fluer dy lyons (sp??)

my army (1500pts) will consist of the following:

1 paladin (gen)
1 paladin (bsb)
1 damsel (lvl2, in love with exiled paladin)
8 kotr
5 kotr
5 ke
5 yeomen
5 yeomen
6 grail knights
3 pegasus knights

i was thinking of only taking questing knights and therefore a trebuchet for my rare choice, general would be in the questing knights unit but that would mean getting rid of yeomen (one unit). what do you guys think, my full army list is in the army list section of the board if you want to check it out. thank for the help in advance.