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    The Tale of Lord Josieah

    Joseiah stormed out of Leoncueors throne room, infuriated with the King's chosen course of action pertaining to the "Nemesis" incident. While yes, the kingdom might benefit from expansion and the acquisition of additional vassal states, there would be no point if mighy Bretonnia herself were choked and corrupted by the marauding green skins and the foul northerners. Had it not been but 3 years since the last Errantry war had been declared on the forces of Chaos, where the armies of good had fought off Archaon and his daemonic followers?

    No, it would not be so. Joseiah sweared this to himself. He would crusade upon the lands where the empire and dwarves now fought eachother.

    Joseiah stormed his dukedom, searching for all that would answer teh call. He called for the pegausi of Paravon, and the peasant hordes that had seemed forgotten in the coming conflict. He called out for the mighty Grail Knights of the land, and called in favors with old friends to send their gifted daughters to Joseiah for his disposal. After a mighty host was formed, Duke Joseiah marched.

    Their advance was glorious. For weeks they travelled, through blistering heat bting cold and howling winds, always continuing to march. Then, when they reached the outskirts of the Great Forest, a great roar emanated from inside. What happened next is materials for songs.

    From the forest poured thousands of the foul beastmen, blindly charging the forces of Bretonnia. Horribly outnumbered, many of the Bretonnian forces were slaughtered. The peasant force was wiped out, while the questing knights died trying to slay the great Dragon Ogre Dal'Shaknath. The knights Errant were either obliterated or so heavily demoralized that they were no longer an effective unit. Just when Joseiah thought it was all over, and as he began to square off against Dal, an arrow flew out of no where and hit Dal squrely in between hte eyes.

    Much to Joseiahs delfight, a great number of wood elves spied eh bretonnians plight.

    I will continue, but the main jist of the story will be that the wood elf lord and Duke Joseiah now have an alliance to destroy any source of chaos. Wild Riders will be used as knights errant, glade riders as mouned yeomen, and glade gaurd will be used as skirmishing peasant bowmen.

    What do you think of the fluff? beleivable or no?

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    This really should be moved to FB Fluff in the Warhammer Fantasy Forum or to Fiction in the Fiction and Arts Forum.

    Welcome to LO, my friend. 'Tis a large place.

    Go back to the main page forums page, and scroll down through the parent forums. Let me know which place you'd like your piece, and I or another mod will move it for you.

    As for the story itself, I like it. The situation is largely believable, but still has a few holes you could patch.

    The Wood Elves would've known a large beastman horde was moving through the forest. You should explain if they'd been following it or just what. That they'd even let an army get that far unmolested seems incredible.

    And to have all three armies fall upon each other by mere chance also seems like a hole to me.

    If you're going to expand the story, you might start with the Bretonnians since they're your main story line but also write a couple of quick passages explaining the Beast Men's motivation and the Wood Elves' involvement.
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