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Thread: MSU brettonians

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    MSU brettonians

    So, what do people think of the possibility of a Multiple Small Units- style brettonian army?

    Draw charges with strongish blocks of peasent militia, complete with non-VP awarding banners. Have small units of knights behind militia, ready to either flank (if the militia hold) or charge and flank (if the militia break). The same tactic can be performed with mounted yeomen and knight units, except the yeomen will flee from charges.

    I've seen an O&G player use tactics like this quite successfully with infantry (against me :cry: ), and I've also heard OK players talking about similar tactics. They seem like they'd fit Brets pretty naturally, and a min unit of knights could be joined by a character to provide some rank bonus and the lance formation pretty easily. In a pinch, the small units of knights could also go marauding, especially when accompanied by mounted yeomen and pegasus knights.

    1. Do mounted yeomen fleeing through knights trigger a panic check in those knights? Or does the knightly virtue prevent this?
    2. Does anyone have experience with these lists?


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    I can answer question 1: No they do not cause Panic because of the Knight Vow and the Mounted Yeomen having Peasants duty.

    2. Haven't really tried MSU, tried it once and bounced angry blocks of infantry.

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