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    Aphla Legion's LatD List-in-Progress

    This list is not complete, Some units i haven't even bought yet. But if i'm going to planning i mine as well get your imput so that i can better my list.

    Also any thing with the - * - means i'm not quite sure yet What to give, How many, and or if i even want this unit. Goes double for the fast attack, yes i know theres 4!!!

    Aphla Legion Choas Lord w/
    Power Fist
    Kai gun
    Termie Armor
    Anything else that will make it a CC Bad@ss

    Aphla Legion Lt *
    Power Sword
    Kai gun, or Combi bolter
    Other stuff.

    Possesed x 10
    Chosen Terminators x 5 *

    Plague Zombies x 21
    Traitor Squad x 15 Lasguns*
    Traitor Squad x 15 Lasguns*
    Traitor Squad x 15 lasguns*
    Aphla Legion CSM x 8
    Aphla Legion CSM x 8*

    Fast attack
    Tratoir Recon HellHound*
    Tratoir Recon Sential Squadron*
    Tratoir Armoured Fist - CC squad*
    Tratoir Armored Fist- fire support*

    Heavy Support
    Leman Russ, w Bolters, Lascannons, Etc
    Bassilsik w indirect Fire

    I have a Heavy Bolter, Missle Luancher, 1 metla gun, 1 plasma gun, 3 flame throwers, 4 gernade launchers for the Tratoirs and ever tratoir squad will have an algatoir.

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    I'm not familiar enough with LatD to make comments, but as regards to your chaos marines, there are a couple of serious issues:

    1- You cannot have more than one daemon weapon, let alone two of the same kind. They Kai gun is regarded as a daemon weapon. I'd also suggest that you fully understand the mechanics behind daemon weapons, namely, they confer a small chance that the wielder will be swept back into the warp.

    2- Power fists on h.q. choices is a bad idea. Chaos lords and lieuts have high inits, and you don't want to give them weapons that reduce their init to 1. I'd strongly recommend the dark blade (daemon weapon). It's one of the best weapons in the game. Another option is a pair of lightning claws.

    Upgrades for h.q's.

    1- daemonic strength should be given to all c.c. lords that are not wielding a dark blade
    2- daemonic resilience should be given to all c.c. lords, with a possible exception made for glass hammer lieuts (i.e, lieuts that are built for doling out lots of damage. In order to keep them cheap, some players opt against defensive upgrades).
    3- movement modifier (speed or flight): This upgrade should be given to all c.c. lords that are not wearing terminator army. For the most part, termi armor is a bad options, since it renders the h.q. to a slow movement. I would recommend daemonic speed, because it's cheaper than flight and can yield- when paired with infiltrate- a first turn charge. Plus, it's just a really good movement mod, even without infiltrate.
    4- daemonic aura is fairly straight forward. You dont' want an expensive h.q. to be faced off against a power fist toting space marine with no way of fending off his attacks. Power fist = instant death for non-statured princes.
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