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    4th Edition Chaos Undecided

    Well, clearly the best builds are going to be like the old Undivided lists where your Lord could have multiple Marks allowing for multimple troops to be taken.

    That being said, I'm calling these seemingly random compositions Chaos Undecided. Here is just an example, not all of these units should be taken at the same time for balance/comp reasons.

    Here is a nifty example:
    155 Prince of Slannesh with wings and Lash of COME HERE!
    100 Greater Demon of Chaos Undecided

    305 10 Chosen with 5 plasma guns, an AC to be the Demonvessel and maybe Mark of Tzeench for the save (Infiltrating)
    300 6 Terminatos with Mark of Khorne, Lightening Claws, all with AC upgrades ) 5 Attacks per termie)

    213 8 Man Berserkers, AC with Fist, Icon
    115 6 man CSMs with Chaos Glory and a plasma rifle (cheap objective takers)
    173 6 Plague Marines with 2 plasma guns and icon.
    236 8 man Tzeench squad, Doombolt, Icon (MEQ slayer squad)

    270 10 Khorne Raptors, AC with Fist.

    145 Possessed Vindicator
    145 Possessed Vindicator
    225 3x Obliterators

    I know this is closing in on 2400 points, but it is just an example. Dropping my silly and beardy Terminator squad and the essentially redundant berserkers would bring you closer to tournament points.

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    well what uve done is pretty much what most undvided armies will look like
    well i would like an example of alpha legion and iron warrior list

    seen a death guard army list at 1500 and was pretty weak
    compared to 3rd ed list

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    You've got some serious fire power- plenty of tank busting and anti-infantry. Your problem, however, revolves around the lack of a delivery method for your basic infantry. They're just too slow. Against a superior ranged army (Tau, I.G.), your infantry will easily fall prey to the incoming range fire. I'd suggest consolidating these units into two larger ones with rhinos.

    Second, the 'get's hot' mechanic of the plasma gun isn't synergistic with the Icon of Tzeentch. In other words, you're paying for an inv save that is wasted, if you lose troops to the plasma gun getting hot. Just a thought. Overall, I like the use of large chosen squads- both for daemon summoning and for mass plasma carnage.

    Terminators: You don't need the a.c. upgrade. It's overkill. Four attacks on the charge (with the Icon of Khorne) is ample, especially with the claws. I'd also recommend that you take at least a couple of chain fists, or at least power fists. You want to be able to deal with vehicles if the occasion arises. Finally, throw in a reaper autocannon and give this unit some versatility at range.

    The problem with a termi squad devoted entirely to c.c. is that once they d.s. (assuming), they have nothing else to do until the next turn. With such an expensive unit, they desperately need a little bit of versatility. Even a single reaper makes a significant difference, especially if you d.s. behind enemy lines and can pop shot the rear of a tank.
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