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    2000 pts, new Thousand Sons, 4th edition

    I really like this list, daemon prince gets into assault range 1st turn..I've done it, raptors fly up with him also making it to assault range, then summoming the greater daemon there in the following turns, the rhinos with the 1k sons charge up also, summoning the lesser daemons and rapid firing there ap3 bolters, terminators and obliterators moving and shooting, and the havocs staying behind and taking care of tanks

    this is for the new 4th edition codex btw

    HQ-Daemon Prince-155
    mark of slaanesh, lash of submission, wings

    (HQ)-Greater Daemon-100

    Troop-x7 thousand sons, x1 aspiring sorcerer, with rhino-271
    personal icon, doombolt

    Troop-x7 thousand sons, x1 aspiring sorcerer, with rhino-271
    personal icon, doombolt

    (Troop)-x5 lesser daemons-65

    (Troop)-x5 lesser daemons-65

    Elite-x10 terminators-385
    icon of tzeentch, reaper autocannon x2

    Fast Attack-x7 raptors, x1 aspiring champion-200
    x1 meltagun, power weapon on champ

    Heavy Support-x2 obliterators-150

    Heavy Support-x2 obliterators-150

    Heavy Support-x7 havocs-185
    x4 missile launchers

    total=1997, any comments please

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