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    New Codex 1500 Shooty

    HQ: Daemon Prince, Mark of Slanesh, Flight, Lash of Submission - 155
    HQ: Daemon Prince, Mark of Slanesh, Flight, Lash of Submission - 155

    Elites: 8 Terminators, Mark of Glory (MoCU), 8 Combi plasma
    +1 Champion with Combi Melta & Chain Fist. - 350

    Troops: 10 Chaos Marines, Las Cannon, Plasma gun, Mark of Glory - 195
    Troops: 10 Chaos Marines, Las Cannon, Plasma gun, Mark of Glory - 195

    Heavy: 2 Obliterators - 150
    Heavy: 2 Obliterators - 150Heavy: 2 Obliterators - 150

    NB I think the D Prince points may be a little off so I may have to drop a plasmagun from the troops or something.

    The key is the Lash of submission. I could have used 2 slaneshi sorcerors for this but for a few more points I thought 2 statured chaps could also contribure some manouverability and counter charging flexibility. The demon princes advance to 20" (ish) range to cast the lash. Their 4 wounds, 3+/5+ saves and immunity to instant death should keep them alive for a few turns.

    Use the lash to move 2 units per turn 2D6" into tight clumps either towards me or away from me depending on how I feel. Each clump gets a pair of plasma cannon from obliterators. The last pair of oblits can shoot tanks with las cannon or contribute plasma cannon if I rollled badly.

    My troop choices form a gunline protecting the oblits from being charged. They fire Las cannon in initial turns at tanks then as enemy get in range they begin mowing down infantry.

    Terminators advance to long range and fire bolters. Their one shot combi weapon firepower allows me to scythe down one unit in the game that gets too close in case for example the lash failed and enough enemy assault units get too close. I can always use the lash against say 4 units of steelers/berseskers killing and/or moving back 2 units. I let the other two units through knowing that the termies can turn on the rapid plasma and mow down one of the units that get through.

    As the enemy advance I can move the termies and princes back to the gunline firing/casting all the way. Finally when the enemy get very close I have 9 termies that are pritty good in combat and standard CSMs are ok with their bolt pistols and CCW as standard. 2 daemon princes can help out too if they are still alive.

    Against static armies such as guard or tau the oblits can plod forwards using lascannon against tanks. Terminators can screen them and advance a little faster. CSM squads advance as quick as possible and should be able to rappid fire on turn 2 (possibly turn 1) because the lash will bring victims forwards from the enemy gunline. I could even advance quicker by charging some of the survivours just to get closer and be classed as in combat for the tau shooting phase etc.

    Remember the entire army (appart from the troops choices) could deep strike if I choose, although I usually won't. When deepstriking Lash of submission can...
    • Help move units to within 12" of the terminators that deepstrike for examble to let them rappid fire with combi plasma.
    • Move enemy plasma cannon armed devastators out of LOS of my teleporting terminators.
    • Move enemy troops towards deep striking obliterators and in a teardrop type formation allowing the heavy flamers (or is it twin liked flamers) to really hurt.
    Any thoughts, improvements or weaknesses you can spot?

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    You've got yourself a pretty good build. Here are my thoughts:

    H.Q's: I'm not debating the effective utility of duel lash sorceres, but they do tend to soak up valuable points are needed in more offensive units. Just a thought.

    Termis: Good configuration, except for the a.c.. In termi squad, you don't need him, as they are already a potent range and c.c. force. While these pups can certainly footslog, they are, at the same time, a very high priority target for your opponent. It would be nice to have a personal icon somewhere in your ranks, so that you could, when needed, d.s them without the worry of a bad scatter. With so many combi-plasmas, you can literally destroy an entire marine squad within rapid fire range. This kind of precision tactic requires the personal icon to prevent scattering.

    Troops: Chaos has never been good at fielding heavy weapons in our troop choices. This rings true now more than ever. For one thing, you've invested a substantial amount of your points into these troop squads, so when shooting at heavily armored vehicles, you're going to be wasting more of the squads firepower. I'd suggest dropping the lascanon in favor of another plasma gun.

    Second, while these units will do marvelous against c.c. opponents, you're going to have serious issues verse superior ranged armies, such as Tau, I.G., and mechanized Eldar. You need a way of reaching the enemy lines. Obviously, I'm talking about rhinos. Their incredibly cheap nowadays.

    Finally, it's almost imperative to have power fists in these large troop choices. Otherwise, you'll have issues, once the enemy gets to your lines. All of these suggestions can be accomplished, simply, by dropping one of the lash sorcerers. Honestly, I've had to do this in my 1850 build.

    Heavies: Looks good.

    Best of luck.
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