Hey all, I don't have the new dex quite yet so am uncertain how many points this will come out to be but I am hoping for around 2k.

sorceror w/MoS + flight + Lash

Lord w/ MoT + termi armor + daemon weapon

4x termis, 3x combi plas + PW, 1x RAC + chain fist

Dread w/ plasma cannon

8x zerkers, AC w/ PW + rhino

10x marines, 2x melta, AC w/ fist, IoCG + rhino

10x raptors, 2x melta, AC w/ claws, IoK

landraider w/ D. Pos

defiler w/ CC arms

pred with lascannons

any thoughts? Am I way over the 2k point limit or just a little bit?