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    500 pt Slaanesh army

    Hey having read the new Chaos Codex I came up with this army list for Slaanesh.
    It's my first Chaos army list so if any one can point me in the right the direction for becoming a Great Slaaneshi General, I would appreciate it.

    Chaos Lord
    With Mark of Slaanesh, Terminator Armor and Daemon Weapon (Blissgiver) - 150pts

    4 Noise Marines/1 Noise Champion
    With 3 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster. Noise Champion has a Doom Siren - 185 pts

    4 Chaos Space Marines/1 Aspiring Champion
    With Icon of Slaanesh, Flamer. Aspiring Champion has a Power Weapon
    Rhino Transport - 165 pts

    Grand Total - 500pts

    I know it only has 11 models but it should work.

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    Your h.q. needs a fast way of getting into c.c.. I'd recommend the steed of slaanesh. It gives him daemonic speed and +1A. You could also go the cheap route and use flight. Also, with your current build, the termi armor doesn't have good synergy.

    Your model count is also low, even for a 500 point game. There are a few reasons for this. The blastmaster is around 8% your total army points, which is excessively high. By dropping it, you could get another two noise marines. Also, if you run the numbers, you'll find that by dropping down to merely the Icon of Slaanesh, you'll save enough points to purchase two more marines and give your a.c. a power weapon or power fist. This gives the unit much more versatility. In rapid fire range, you'll actually produce almost the same ranged fire as your current configuration.

    Rhinos are deathly expensive for low point games, but I'm not sure you can go the distance without at least one. In 3rd edition, we could simply reach the enemy by having infiltrate in our basic squads. Not so anymore. Larger games can get away with shifting units to chosen (i.e., infiltrate), but in a 500 point battle, there isn't enough points to make the switch.

    Drop the flamer in favor of a plasma gun. It's more expensive, but your current build is already geared towards killing swarms, so you need a bit more against 3+ armies.
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