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    Friendly 1850 point Chaos list

    (This is my brother Sam's list, he's planning on converting his space marine army into a chaos one with the new codex. Any comments would rock!)

    175 + HQ
    175 - Sorcerer, mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission, Familiar, Warptime, Jump Pack

    650 + Elites
    245 - 10 Chosen Marines, Icon of Chaos Glory, Lascannon, Meltagun, Meltagun
    125 - Dreadnought w/ lascannon
    280 - 5 Chaos Terminators w/ Icon of Khorne, all with Twin Lightning Claws

    520 + Troops
    260 - 10 Chaos Marines w/ Icon of Khorne, Champion w/ power weapon, in a Rhino w/ extra armor
    260 - 10 Chaos Marines w/ Icon of Khorne, Champion w/ power weapon, in a Rhino w/ extra armor

    285 + Fast Attack
    285 - 10 Raptors w/ Icon of Khorne, 1 Plasma Pistol, Champion w/ twin lightning claws

    220 + Heavy Support
    220 - Land Raider

    5th? Cool. WotLK? Also cool.

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    Hello there. I'm going to take a crack at your brother's build.

    HQ: For the most part, sorcerers are best left with just their psi powers. However, having not play tested the warp time on the sorcerer, I'm inclined to give a note of caution against this suggestion. At any rate, he's rather expensive, and your army could use a few additional upgrades in other areas by readjusting points away from your hq and towards those given areas.

    Chosen: Melta guns are questionable on chosen, mainly due to the lack of additional movement, which can be problematic on short ranged weapons like melta guns. Additionally, in order to use the lascanon, the unit must remain stationary, which further begs the question of the 12" (i..e, short range) of the melta gun.

    This unit doesn't need 10 bodies to be an effective range platform. I'd suggest reducing down to 7 and then taking 3 plasma guns. The unit becomes much cheaper this way, has good infiltration ranged weapons, and excellent rapid fire potential for supporting your advancing spearhead

    Termis: Looks good. A little expensive for my taste though. No doubt, these pups will be placed in the land raider.

    Dread: Fine. Again, IMHO, there's better ways of spending points, but that's merely preference.

    Troops: Give them all either plasma or melta guns. General rule of thumb for chaos: Always max out special weapon output. It provides so much more versatility. Also, with 10 wounds, your brother really needs power fists over power weapons, as you have the staying power in these two units. Take advantage of this, and use a hard hitting power fist to really inflict casualties. Also, against monstrous creatures, you want to be wounding on a 2-3+, rather than a 6+. The power fist is the choice option here.

    Raptors: You can't take both twin-linked claws and a plasma pistol. Drop the plasma pistol. Add 2 melta guns for additional tank busting, as the build is slightly weak in this department.

    Land raider: Your brother should consider giving this vehicle daemonic possession. No doubt, it will be a very high priority for his opponents. With twin-linked lascanons, daemonic possession isn't much of a setback for shooting.
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