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    1500pt nurglish list.

    I used to play the, oh so not original: all out infiltrate with obligatory speed leuitenant. This list was created when I first read the new 'dex.

    It was the only list that I could think up quickly that let me used my newly modelled stuff while still being fairly nasty.

    HQ - 2 Daemon Princes both with wings, MoN and warptime

    elites - 10 chosen - 4 meltaguns, champ with double lightning claws, no mark

    troops -

    2 x 10 man plagumarine squads, both with double plasma and champion who has a powerfist. Squads have rhinos with extra armour

    Heavy support

    2 Predators - autocannon, heavy bolters.

    basic tactics.

    rhinos deployed sideways so that when they rush first turn the squads can jump out and rapid fire. Rhinos are pretty much there to stop daemon princes being shot at first turn and to save the plaguemarines a turn or two of movement.

    Daemon Princes hide behind rhinos first turn and then leap out and assault.

    Chosen looks for some choice titbits, my main anti tank squad although the Princes won't mind chewing on some AV.

    Preds shoot stuff, mostly squads that threaten DPs and chosen.

    Anyone find it funny that Cities of Death show the two worst combat armies in the game ... in combat!

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    Alright now onto business.

    Daemon princes: they seem good for killing a lot of things and warptime will help them a lot.

    Chosen: i dont like what role your giving your chosen, i would maybe drop some of these and use something like 5-6 guys with 2-3 plasmas for infiltrating elite unit hunting and drop the champ with lightning claws as these guys will attract a lot of fire and maybe if their lucky charge with only a few guys left. if you lower the squad you can give those preds lascanon sponsons for tank hunting as they wont kill many meqs otherwise. IMO i would use another plague marines squad and take off the chosen for them and you could find some things to make room like only 9 man nurgle squads or something.

    Plague marines: i like these units as they are fairly balanced and good for troop killing. and if the enemy closes in you got a power fist and a meat shield so those should stay. i dont like the extra armor as i find its too many pts now.

    Predators: i dont like these give them lascanon sponsons and autocanon turrets.

    now for overall tactics im not sure you should hide the daemon princes behind the rhinos, i would rather you stick them behind some big cover for the first turn so your plague marines dont do nothing for the first turn after their rhinos die and then they gotta move out of the wreck and probably only make it in range on like turn 3-4.

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    At the 1500 point level, two princes gets a right bit expensive, but that doesn't inherently preclude an army from having them; it's just something to consider.

    Chosen: As Sesshomuronay said, there's big issues with your chosen, mainly their cost. Again, they are inordinately expensive at the 1500 level. Additionally, you don't need 4 meltas. Two usually is sufficient. Second, chosen are very slow, which has bad synergy with a short range weapon like the melta gun. Plasma guns would be much more beneficial, and contrary to their melta counterpart, work well in groups of 4 or even 5. Sesshomuronay's configuration is one option (a good one too). Another two solid configurations are as followers.

    8x chosen w/ 4x plasma guns (just more firepower)
    8x chosen w/ 3x plasma guns and fisting champion (more general purpose squad).

    Your build desperately lacks power weapons, which is why you should consider the last of these options. This unit works perfectly for reinforcing your plague spear head.

    Plague Marines: Pretty good. Squads of 8 are a little friendlier on points, but you're already low on models counts. It's probably best to keep this squad large.

    Predators: The dakka predator (i.e., heavy bolters/autcannon turret) works exceptionally well in 4th edition. For one things, it's cheap; and another, you can add the much improved havoc launcher. However, your army really needs long range tank busting support. You should serious consider changing both of the predators to las-turret, along with swapping melta guns in one of your plague marine squads. This should probably be ample tank popping.
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