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    2000 points ksons first list new codex

    Okay, this is the third list that I have written, and the first that I kinda like at all with the new codex. So I'd like to see some feedback with this, here goes.

    DP-wings, MoT, doombolt, WoC. My troop mower and basic beast (can tear tanks up if need be, and in range)

    Sorcerer, disc of tzeentch, MoT, BoC, Warptime. My assassin and "sniper."

    8 ksons rhino
    1 aspiring sorcerer (A.S.), bolt of change

    8 ksons rhino
    1 aspiring sorcerer (A.S.), bolt of change. Thought about doombolt, but the rubrics do that just fine, plus, I like firing BoC's out of the top of rhinos.

    8 ksons
    1 aspiring sorcerer (A.S.), bolt of change. Extra range is good of foot sloggers

    1 dread, plasma cannon, extra armor. little leery about this guy for the new fire frenzy, but ksons would be able to handle it better than any other army due to invul save.

    3 termies, Icon of tzeentch, 1 w/ pair lightning claws, 1 w/ chainfist. I don't have the model for a reaper auto, but will probably get a couple soon soon.

    pred, 1 AC, 2 lascans, demon possession

    pred, 1 AC, 2 lascans, demon possession. Is demonic possession worth it anymore, or not quite

    2 oblits. Needs no explanation.

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    HQ: Both look fine. Nothing wrong here.

    TROOPS: Two reasons why BoC isn't as good as it was in 3rd edition-

    1- No thrawls, so it's much easier to miss these days with BoC
    2- Inferno bolts have absolutely no synergy with BoC. Well, that's not entirely true; they share range. However, anytime you're firing at a vehicle, you're going to be wasting some very effective MEQ killers (inferno bolts). This is another reason why most players take doombolt in 4th edition- that, and its just plain cheaper.

    TERMIS: The reaper is overpriced in 4th edition, especially when you consider that you can get 5 combi-plasmas for the same price (or 4 combi-plasmas and a heavy flamer). FYI, without icons in your army (aside from your hqs) your termis will scatter upon d.s. Just something to consider. The new 'non-scatter' ability when in conjunction with icons takes perfect advantage of rapid firing combi-plasmas and the heavy flamer. I nearly always recommend the heavy flamer, because it's the same cost as the combi-plasma, and is also exponentially better against the swarm. Plus, it aint that bad against MEQ's either.

    You should consider upping this squad to 4 and giving 3 combi-plasmas and the 4th one a heavy flamer. This will greatly increase their effectiveness at close range. I use a pair of these units to decimate enemy devastators and even to greatly thin our genestealers. After that, there's isn't much left for the counter charge.

    DREADS: These pups are tricky in 4th edition, and not simply because they can betray their allies and attack friendly units. Generally, dreads are best used in numbers, but also with other high priority targets that takes the emphasis away from dreads, such as defilers and princes. He's not a bad choice for your build, but IMHO, there's better ways of spending your points. I'd take more termis.

    Daemonic possession: To answer your question, it's worth it on rhinos (in some instances) and also on land raiders. However, since it reduces your BS, I'd never put it on your main tank busters unless they have twin-linked weaponry. It's a shame to lose our BS4; it's one of the things we have going for us. Keep em cheap; they'll do fine. Remember, you have rhinos and a prince to help draw fire away from the predators.
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