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    Chaos Undivided 1000 points

    Wanted to get some expert opinions on a take on all comers 1k army list. Its to use against whoever I might be playing at GW when I next go there. Criticism appreciated.


    Chaos Lord
    Mark of Khorne
    Power Weapon 115


    8 Bezerkers
    Skull Champion
    Power Weapon
    Personal Icon
    Rhino 238

    10 Chaos Space Marines
    2x Meltaguns
    Icon of Chaos Glory
    Aspiring Champion
    Power Fist
    Rhino 255

    5 Lesser Daemons 65

    5 Lesser Daemons 65

    Heavy Support

    Chaos Predator
    Lascannon Sponsons 130

    Chaos Predator
    Lascannon Sponsons 130

    General tactics are to rush with the Rhinos and all out assualt with the bulk of my force whilst the Preds give fire support and take out tanks/big things.

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    Not a bad build at all. There are no outstanding issues as far as your general configuration goes.

    Against superior c.c. builds, you're going to have some trouble, but that's to be expected.

    The only suggestion I'd have would be to drop the power weapon on your lord in favor of lightning claws. It's essential that lords make the most of their stats. You could drop lesser daemons in order to achieve this, and then combine the remaining daemons into one unit.
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