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Thread: 1500 undivided

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    1500 undivided

    hey all new to the site but have got alot of great tips for my army building skills. i went against daemon hunters with it and won in the 4th turn, what should i revise.

    HQ- Daemon Prince
    daemonic essence, daemomic mutation, daemonic resilience, daemontic rune
    Dark Blade
    Furious Charge
    Tank hunter
    Master-crafted Weapon
    spiky bits 215 pts

    Elites- Chosen
    5 bolters& cc weapons 85 pts

    Elites- obliterators cult 210 pts

    Troops- CSM
    9 bolters
    1 aspiring champ with
    plasma pistol
    spiky bits
    master-crafter weapon 198 pts

    9 bolter pistols&cc weapons
    1aspiring champ
    master-crafted weapon
    spiky bits
    power weapon
    plasma pistol 193 pts

    Heavy Support- Defiler
    mutated hull
    twin-linked lascannon
    havoc launcher 220pts

    Transport- Rhino
    mutated hull
    smoke launcher 83 pts

    Heavy Support- Havocs
    1 lascannon
    1missle launcher krak
    2 heavy bolters
    5 bolters
    1 aspiring champ
    bolter pistol &cc weapon 238 pts

    Total- 1442 pts

    the chosens are with the daemon prince so his not independant

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    first of all you should get the new chaos codex, as its pretty much the standard now. But with the old codex. . . (thinking back)

    First off it the daemon Prince has too much on him for my tastes. Give him a dreadaxe instead of the dark blade for ignoring invlunerable saves as well as armor saves. I would also get rid of the master crafted weapon, because if I remembered right its pretty useless.

    The chosen squad is a little small and does not really have a purpose. Give them some plasma and that one rhino so they can go somewhere.

    On the two troop squads its a good idea to get rid of the plasma pistol becuase it could kill your champ. It would also be good to give them rhinos to draw fire away from the defiler. It would also be good to give them some special weapons <coughplasmagunscough> so they can deal with tougher units.

    The defiler looks very fluffy and good though lascannons can be expensive.

    With the havocs you should give them all the same weapons. I suggest missle launchers because their probably the best in the new codex once you get it.

    Overall its a good first list, but it has many of the mistakes that I made when I first started. Don't forget the new codex!

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