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    2500 Plague Wind

    Alirght I just picked-up the codex to day and went to work seeing how to expand my 1000 points of pure death guard that I had. I have decided to go for the maxium amount of mobility possible with nurgle at 2500. (Oh and please not I will not be taking Typus out, I like this guy to much 8Y)

    Hq: 395
    Typhus: 225

    Chaos Sorcerer: 170
    Mark of Nurgle
    Nurgle’s rot
    Personal icon

    Elites: 536
    7x chosen: 256
    Icon of Nurgle, 3x pair of lightning claws, 2x melta guns

    6x terminators: 280
    Icon of nurgle, 3x pair of lightning claws, 3x power fists.

    Troops: 668
    7x Plague Marines: 236
    Plague champion, personal icon, power fist, 2x plasma guns.

    7x Plague Marines: 236
    Plague champion, personal icon, power fist, 2x plasma guns.

    7x Plague Marines: 196
    Plague champion, personal icon, power weapon.

    Fast Attack: 321
    7x Chaos Bikes: 321
    Icon of Nurgle, Bike Champion, Power weapon, 2x flamers

    Heavy Support: 300
    Defiler: 150
    2 close combat weapons

    Defiler: 150
    2 close combat weapons

    Daemons: 282
    Greater Daemon 100

    7x lesser daemons: 91

    7x lesser daemons: 91

    Total 2502

    The defilers are supposed to advance down one flank with the bikes, The plague marines are supposed to hold the line and advance slowly while acting as a summoning/deepstriking center for my deamons and terminators. The chosen are there to also help with the deepstriking/ deamon summoning, and distrupt the enemy lines.

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    You have absolutely no ranged AT... for this point limit you should have at least 2 dedicated ranged AT platforms and 2-4 squads that can perform AT duties in a pinch. My advice would be to drop the sorcerer ( Typhus is already expensive) and a defiler for 2 AT preds. Use the extra points to get special weapons for the DG squad that doesn't have them and upgrade the flamers on the bikes to melta guns.

    I survived LO Chat thanks to: Karmoon, Rabbit, Process, Tossy and Meish.

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