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    1500 Mechanized World Eaters

    I've been into 40k for a few years now, and so far, i've focused mainly on modelling and painting. But since the new dex has been released, I'm really looking forward to building up a solid army and start some gaming.

    Here's what i've got so far:


    Daemon prince: 145
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    8x Khorne berzerkers: 258
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    Skull champ w/ Pfist

    Rhino w/ Combi-melta

    8x Khorne berserkers: 253
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    Skull champ w/ Pweap

    Rhino w/ combi-melta

    8x Khorne berserkers: 258/253
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    Skull Champ w/ (Pfist or Pweapon+meltabomb, not sure which at this time)

    Rhino w/ combi-melta

    10x Lesser Daemons: 130

    Heavy Support:

    2x Defilers: 150 each
    fitted w/ 2 extra CCW's

    Vindicator: 145

    Total Points: 1484 (if i went for the powerfist)
    Total Models: 36
    Total Armor: 6

    I know this list lacks the AT potential of preds, but I like the idea of having the whole army advancing forward for fluff reasons (this might change after some play testing though).

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    You're extremely weak against vehicles. Second, defilers don't generally go well with berzerkers, as the zerkers want to charge into c.c., and the defilers want to shine the enemy with an onslaught of pie plates. Often, this can result in hitting friendly troops.

    HQ: Good and cheap.

    Berzerkers: Give them all power weapons, since they have furious charge. This will enable you to take advantage of the increased strength and init. Of course, if you're facing lots of monstrous creatures, then the power fist is superior. Nice use of the comib-melta btw. It's a great way to put a sly tank buster in a zerker unit

    Daemons: Fine. If you end up having trouble finding points for later upgrades or inclusions, then take them from this unit.

    I'd recommend dropping both defilers and taking two preds with las-sponsons. This would also free up point for taking more zerkers. OR, you could add a single unit of Glory chaos marines in order to sit back and function as fire support. This is often needed against superior c.c. armies, such as Dark Eldar & Nids.
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