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    1850 tourney army-tzeentch

    I have a good idea on how I want to play...the community I'm in plays a lot of marines, so I'm going for anti-heavy infantry here. This is what it looks like so far:
    Termie Champion squad with x2 lightning claws, tzeentch icon
    Land Raider transport for above
    2 squads of 8 tzeentch plus 1 sorc with doombolt

    That's the core of the army. I'm not sure where to go from there. I've had a couple of ideas:
    Lord with termie armour and tzeentch daemon wpn
    4 termie with tzeentch, 3 combi, 1 reaper
    Slaanesh squad of 5 with 4 sonic blasters, 1 blastmaster


    Lord with daemon weapon, mark of tzeentch
    Squad of 8 thousand son with 1 sorc with doombolt and Rhino transport

    I kind of want the slaanesh in there, but then I have no room for anti tank roles. I know the first list with the combi wpns could do it, but I would think you'd need more than just the combi wpns, since they only go off once, and with luck like mine, I'd miss all of them. What do you think? Any changes? Anything...

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    I'm sort of torn. I think the Noise Marines are a good idea (you need something to take better care of the occasional swarm I think) but more importantly I think you need some more armor to balance out the Land Raider. Here's a thought: two Predators and three Rhinosauri, and then a third squad to put into the extra transport. One Pred would be kitted for anti-armor (AC/LC + EA methinks) the other for anti-swarm (AC/HB + HL). I think the third Rhino should maybe carry some Plague Marines or something so you can get some more special weapons in there to take out scattered heavy armored folks (terminators? if you've got a bunch of Mariners they're sort of inevitable).

    Just something to think about I guess. That's all it feels like you're looking for though, so enjoy
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