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    chaos wastes
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    1500pts trying something new.

    this is my attempt to make a balanced list i can use when not playing huge battles as i am accustomed to doing.

    1500pt chaos marines:

    Lord w/ disc of tzeetch and daemon weapon = 160pts

    perhaps the disc is a bit more expensive than a jet pack to justify, but i want to model a guy on a giant disc so...:rofl

    5 chaos terminators + power fist = 160pts

    5 chaos terminators + power fist = 160pts

    With how cheap they are compaired to SM termies, how could i say no?

    Chaos dreadnought w/ laser cannon/ missile launcher = 125pts

    some cheap anti tank, i'll take my chances

    5 noise marines w/ sonic blasters: 125pts

    seems like a good cheap mobile fire support unit.8Y

    Troop2: (176)
    8 khorne berserkers’ 168pts
    Rhino: extra armor 50pts

    8 khorne berserkers’ 168pts
    Rhino: extra armor 50pts

    Main offensive guys

    Fast attack:
    8 raptors w/ mark of glory = 170pts

    to go with the lord

    Predator = 130pts
    Lascannon sponsors

    some more anti tank support

    Defiler = 150pts
    Dual close combat weapon
    and some good old ordinance action. If i lose the battle cannon i can run up and charge.;Y

    thats my thoughts on this, tell me yours!:happy:

    That is not dead which may eternal lie,
    for in strange aeons even death may die.

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    I like your list, 80% of it

    I've been using Dreadnoughts in every games I play (and I dont intent on or will not ever take them out of my list, because they are cool models!), my Dread always goes into a fire frenzy during the crucial moment and takes aim at my own tank/troops. Even so, I always only manage to shaken/stun my vehicle or killing off one marine (boohoo!). I hope you are ready to embrace that maniac machine into your army... dont be pissed when you see your Dread open fire on your Defiler. Just see it as some kind of random fun factor that adds more challenges to the game.

    I also feel that your Defiler's battle cannon dont really have a place in your army. Your army is aim to be in close combat fast -- deep striking, rhino rush, jump infantry. What are you planning to shoot at with your battle cannon on the second turn onward, when your own troops are so close that would even catch some unwanted 'friendly pie plate'. You might as well as run it forward along with the rest of your army... it should keep alot of attention away from your berzerkers.
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