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    2k Black Legion against Black Templars

    Hello fellow readers,

    I have an upcoming match against a friend of mine with Black Templars. We will play a friendly match of CityFight with 2000 Points on each side.

    I have made a first draft of my roster and added comments on why I choose what unit. I would very much welcome critics or hints and tips.

    This list was made under the assumption that I have more Firepower (espacially agains MEQ) and that the enemy is moving towards me. I assume he is low on vehicles. I want to be mobile and be able to pick my targets. I still have 69 Points left.

    The Roster v 0.1:

    Chaos Sorcerer with PlasmaPistol, Wings, ForceW and Lash for [160]
    Deamon Prince with Mark of Khorne and Wings for [140]

    Note: I want the sorcerer to be mobile and use the Lash to push enemy assault where needed or to draw an enemy. The DP can hide in the ruins and work together with the Raptors.

    Terminators for [215]
    5x Termies with Mark of Nurgle, 4x Combi Plasma, 1x Heavy Flamer

    Note: I want a solid core, something to anchor my centre. I am not sure if MoS for the +4 Save would be a better option, T5 is awesome on Termies though imho. The flamer should come in handy for a Cityfight.

    Raptors for [290]
    9x Raptors with 2x MeltaGun
    +1 Champ with Twin LC and Icon of Khorne

    Note: Hide and hit where most needed, the perfect counter assault paired with the DP. Might be an option to give them an Icon of Slaneesh for higher initiative. Same would go for the DP then.

    Khorne Berzerkes for [285]
    9x Khorne Berzerkers
    +1 Champ with PFist
    +1 Rhino

    NoiseMarines for [310]
    7x Noisemarines, 6 Sonic Blasters + 1 Blastmaster
    +1 Champ with Doom Siren + Power Weapon
    +1 Rhino

    Thousand Sons for [231]
    7x Thousand Sons, 7 Bolters with Inferno
    +1 Asp. Sorcerer with ForceW and DoomBolt

    Note: The Berzerkers are my centre counter assault, the Noise Marines and Thosusand Sons are just made for killing as much MEQ as possible. The Blastmaster might be nice to pin and disable the Black Templar to move his extra d6. Doom Siren should work well in Cityfight. The Rhinos might not be used for transport but for mobile cover or blocking line of sight.

    Heavy: (300 points total)
    Defiler with 1x CCW and 1x TL Heavy Flamer



    Note: The Defiler will move and use his Cannon or Heavy Flamer for effect, once he is in CC only a Fist will be a real problem. The Oblits are mobile and delifer nice firepower where needed.

    Last edited by Hoelli; October 26th, 2007 at 11:20. Reason: Edited points in Heavy slot as not to reveal the single cost of one oblit as per forum rules.

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    Only thing I could say would be:

    1. remove the plasma pistol from the sorcerer, because hes a danger to himself with it and its over priced.

    2. Use the extra points to get more thousand sons, because especially with the new bolter rapid fire rules you should be able to shred through those black templars.

    The extra thousand sons will allow them to operate as the anchor for your force, because they're very good at it, but just make sure they don't get in to cc. Terminators are a little too valuable to serve as an anchor, and sometimes not tough enough depending on how you roll lol. If your enemy is going to rush you your main tactic should be to shoot him as he approaches, don't ride out and meet him. The only unit that should maybe go tank hunting is the raptors, or if you have the option, to deep strike the oblits and get behind some tanks. Your berserkers and terminators can operate as a counterstrike measure, and your defiler should just be stomping around the battle field drawing as much fire as possible.

    Sorry sort of journeyed off from talking about points extensions or cuts, but there wasnt much to change in the first place. Anyway have fun

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