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    Khorne List 1500pt

    Well im posting my friends khorne list that ill be up against this week. I just posted my tzeentch list and im hoping you guys can help compare the two and see what my chances are looking like lol. Help me beat my friend!!

    Lord-- MoK, power weapon-- 115

    7 Terminators-- 6 combi plasma, 1 heavy flamer-- 245

    9 Bezerkers-- champ w/ p.fist, rhino-- 264

    9 Bezerkers-- champ w/ p.fist, rhino-- 264

    Fast Attack
    7 Raptors-- Icon of Khorne, 2 melta guns, champ w/ fist-- 230

    7 Raptors-- Icon of Khorne, 2 melta guns, champ w/ fist-- 230

    Heavy Support
    Defiler-- 2 closecombat weapons

    Total 1493?

    So i just need alot of help compare my tzeentch list with this one and help me see if i can win and how! thanks


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    Your list looks pretty good for dealing with Khorne. Here are a few thoughts:

    You have way too many tank busting options in your Tzeentch list, which has in turn reduced a little of your MEQ killing abilities. I'd suggest dropping all of the BoCs on your marines and taking Doombolt instead. It will really help you against all of your friend's raptors and zerkers. This still leaves you with two reapers and the oblits' lascanons, as well as your hq. The key to stopping your friends army is to tank bust the rhinos on turn 1, thus leaving them stranded and only moving 6"/turn. Then, you can focus on taking down the raptors.

    I wouldn't be *too* worried about the defiler and termis taking down your marines, as your t.s. marines have incredible saves to combat their low ap weapons. Of course, I'm not saying to ignore them, but only to put more priority on the troops. After all, your friend's troops are geared for c.c., and your for range. Keep the battle at a distance (obviously).

    About your termis: If your friend plans on deep striking his, then he'll likely target your footslogging terims, which will be a complete massacre for you. Given this, you should probably d.s. at least one of your termi units as a counter measure, perhaps both, but certainly one.

    You might also consider taking a tzeentch daemon prince with flight and warp time as a counter measure against all that nasty c.c.. If so, then it's not a bad idea to leave one of your marine squads with BoC in order to ensure 4 shots for taking down the rhinos and then the defiler.
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