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    1500pts nurlge(ish)

    Nice and simple:

    2 x Daemon Princes w/ Mark of Nurgle, warptime, wings

    2 x 6chosen w/ 3 meltaguns

    2 x 10 plaguemarines w/ 2plasmaguns, champion with power fist and rhino (rhino is bare bones)

    heavy support:
    2 x predators w/ autocannon and heavybolters.

    You may notice the list has a bit of a 'two' theme, I like it this way as it makes the list more reliable, they can also bolster each other e.g. two preds firing on the same unit would probably hurt.

    I agree the list is very short ranged apart form the predators but I don't see this as a problem seeing as the whole lsit is in your face by the second turn and if i'm lucky first.

    A bit risky but if I rush straight up the board first turn and disembark I can feasibly rapidfire my oppnent first turn, Add on the fact that the chosen might be able to infiltrate closer than 18" that's alot of stuff to move.

    I'm still unsure if I can hide my Deamon Princes behind rhinos, I had admit it has been argued since 4th ed came out but I feel and i've gained no ground since then. Could someone please tell me or at least show me a topic that answers this question?

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    HQ: Fantastic. Warptime is good but a little expensive. it could be dropped if you are desperate for points or replaced by the cheaper doombolt.

    Chosen: I'm not that keen. If you infiltrate that close and don't get first turn you will be in combat and you have no power weapons etc. A 6 man unit with 3 plasma and a missile launcher might provide a better unit allowing you a foreward firebase, infiltrating to get on the side armour of a pred for example. You don't have to get quite as close because of the increased weapon ranges. As the mechanised units arrive you can always advance and rappid fire the plasmas at heavy infantry. I would drop the other unit to try and get a third troop choice like your others.

    Troops: Nice. If you take the plasma chosen (as above) then give one of these squads meltas. You don't need 10 man units with plague marines. 7-8 is usually enough and would go some of the way to getting 3 units of 7 in rhinos.

    Preds: AC and 2LC is the best pred for you. Versatile and gives you long range AT firepower.

    Another option would be 3-4 Oblits as your heavy suport - deepstriking to icons in your squads. But this would mean your rhinos would be the only targets for his lascannon. At least with the preds the opponent has to choose between shooting smoke protected taxis or las cannon armed preds.
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    I do like 10 man plague marine squads though.
    They're absolutely brutal. It's hard enough taking down 7.

    That said.. if you cut the squads to 8.. you might be able to fit some more stuff in to the army.

    I'm particularly thinking lascannons around th eplace.

    As we all know, with enough lascannons we can make all our problems go away.
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