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    2000pt Slaanesh Army What ya think?

    Heres a list I wrote up,


    155pts DP w/lash, wings, MoS

    155pts Lord w/ Blissgiver, wings


    105pts x3 Terminators w/ x2 combi-Meltas, x1 Heavy Flamer


    185pts x6 Noise marins w/ x5 sonics blaster, x1 blastmaster

    185pts x6 Noise marines w/ x5 sonics blasters, x1 blastmaster

    185pts x6 Noise marines w/ x5 sonic blaster, x1 blastmaster

    200pts x8 Noise marines w/ 8 sonic blasters

    240pts w/ x8 Noise marines w/ Champion with Pwr Wpn, Doom Siren and Rhino

    Fast Attack

    160pts x6 Raptors w/ x2 Meltaguns, IoS


    150pts x2 Obliterators

    150pts x2 Obliterators

    125pts Vindicator

    Total comes to 1995pts

    So the basic idea is set up fire lanes, shoot shoot shoot and have a very good counter charge when things get close, Terminators deep strike down where needed for a little help. Dp does what he does. Lord and his raptor squad hunt down charactors.
    Not sure about the terminators but I have always been a large fan of lots of units, but its would be nice to give a champ to the raptor squad instead, incase Lord flubbs.
    And against assault cannon armies or Nidzilla I would swap the lord for another Dp with wings and lash for same points =)
    Plus not sure about the vindicator, will it get a shot off? or will it be targeting all the time and blow up first turn. But in the same note there not shooting the true threat of the army if they waste firepower on the vindicator, but its also hard to ingore a vindicator too.
    Any and all comments welcome!

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    The first thing I see when I look at your army is a lot of units on foot and only 2 tanks. I think you're going the footslogging army way more than the mechanised one so drop the rhino and the Vindicator, they will be targeted by every lascannon on the board and might never surive first turn.

    Also I am not sure what you wish to accomplish with your Raptor squad and your flying HQ choices, but the temptation to send them alone up front will be great. If you use them as counter charge units, then it will be great, if not then you risk to lose them before they can do anything because you lack the tanks, the monstruous creature will be targeted a lot by heavy weaponry.

    Here's what I would advise, the HQ should remain the same but the DP should be used to protect the fire line from anything that might charge it instead of running around. The Terminators are all good, but a squad of 4 would be better, 3 tend to go quite fast where 4 seem to be more resilient. I would drop the rhino and the Vindicator altogether. What would be great would be another Raptor squad, that way it will give you a tactical advantage and you will be able to take some of the fight in your opponent territory.

    Regarding your troop choices, since they are on foot and that they will be alone most of the time you could boost their numbers. Instead of taking 5 squads of Noise Marines you could take only 4:
    - 8 Noise Marines w/ x7 Sonic Blaster; 1 Blastmaster
    - 8 Noise Marines w/ x7 Sonic Blasters;1 Blastmaster
    - 8 Noise Marines w/ x7 Sonic Blaster, 1 Blastmaster
    - 10 Noise Marines w/ Champion with a Power Weapon

    That way each of them should last longer and you'll have a Noise Marine quitted out for close combat rather than shooting. Maybe you could put 2 meltaguns in it.

    The rest look all good, the Obliterators are great Heavy Weapon units and they fit the theme of a foot slogging army.

    I hope my .02 cents help.

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