What you see here is a list I made when the Chaos codex first came out. I simply wanted to try all of the different new units Chaos had to offer. Come to find out it's been pretty sucessful - two wins and one draw. I'd really like to get some thoughts on it, see if you all would approve of it for tournament use and such.


Daemon Prince - Mark of Tzeentch, Wings, Doombolt, and Warptime
Sorcerer - Jump Pack, Lash of Submission, Familiar, and Warptime


Terminators[x5] - Combi-Plasma (x4), Heavy Flamer, Chainfist, Icon of Chaos Glory


Thousand Sons[x8+1] - Champion with Warptime, Doombolt, and a Personal Icon
Noise Marines[x8] - Blastmaster, Sonic Blasters (x7), Champion with Power Weapon and Personal Icon
Khorne Beserkers[x9] - Skull Champion with Power Weapon and Personal Icon
Plague Marines[x9] - Plasmaguns (x2), Champion with Powerfist and Personal Icon
Chaos Marines [x10] - Meltaguns (x2), Champion with Powerfist, Rhino transport with Havoc Launcher

Heavy Support:

Land Raider - Daemonic Possession [The Khorne Beserkers ride here]
Vindicator - Daemonic Possession
Predator - Lascannon Sponsoons


Lesser Daemons[x8]