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    [1,500] Red Corsairs *again*

    Well, I've been running lots of playtests, considering lots of different options and testing my lists by proxy against a variety of different army types and I think I've finally hit on a list I'm really happy with.

    To see the first incarnation - http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...d.php?t=110059 ([1,500] Red Corsairs)

    Comments in Red (taking a cue from Caluin).


    Chaos Lord - 165
    Bike, Daemon Weapon, Meltabombs

    Yeah, he's no Huron Blackheart - but he's hard-hitting, fast-moving and works in support of the Biker squad below for taking down "soft" support vehicles and infantry behind enemy lines.


    10 Chaos Marines - 260
    2 Meltaguns, AC w/ Powerfist, Rhino w/ EA

    10 Chaos Marines - 260
    2 Meltaguns, AC w/ Powerfist, Rhino w/ EA

    10 Chaos Marines - 260
    2 Meltaguns, AC w/ Powerfist, Rhino w/ EA

    The backbone of any Chaos Army.

    Fast Attack

    5 Bikers - 225
    2 Meltaguns, AC w/ Powerfist

    They ride with the Lord, acting as Hunter/Killers.

    Heavy Support

    Predator - 130
    Lascannon Sponsons

    Focuses it's fire on light vehicles/skimmers/heavy infantry. If I'm in a tight situation, I can use it to take out enemy heavy armor, but I will be relying primarily on the 8 meltaguns above for that.

    Predator - 100
    Heavy Bolter Sponsons

    Predator - 100
    Heavy Bolter Sponsons

    Cheap, ranged anti-infantry, that can be used against AV 10 and 11 vehicles and MCs if I get in trouble. These guys just sit back and shoot things.

    Total - 1,500

    Comments? Critiques?

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    Solid list. a minor tweak and a bigger one.

    Extra armour on rhinos is less common these days due to the cost. Still it keeps them cheaper than in the old codex so it's no big deal. You do however have 6 rhino hull vehicles and your opponent's anti tank weapons may be more interested in pred bashing during turn 1-2 when the rhinos (using their smoke launchers) will be delivering passengers. I would drop the upgrade for points to put a havoc launcher on the 2 dakka preds and then get an extra bolter per rhino or something.

    I don't like bikes (or HQs on bikes). Sure they are nice and all but they are expensive. You can almost get 2 raptors per bike and the raptors have more uses paticularly when assaulting into cover. Considder a winged lord and a unit of 8-9 raptors instead of the bikes.

    Troops: Superb. Some people give them mark of chaos glory to avoid embarrasing morale tests.
    Predators: Havoc launchers on the heavy bolter preds would be nice.
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