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    Around 1600 Chaos mixed

    just wondering what you think about this list

    HQ: Prince/mark of Tzeentch warptime, gift of chaos
    HQ: Sorcerer/ mark of Slannash, lash, combi melta

    Troops: 10 chaos marines icon of chaos glory, champ with pw an plasma pistol,one marine with flamer, one with plasma gun

    Troops: 10 chaos marines icon of chaos glory,champ with pf an plasma pistol, 2 marines with melta guns

    Troops: 8 Khorne Berzerkers 1 skull champ

    Elites: 5 possessed with champ icon of nurgle

    Fast Attack: 3 bikes 1 plasma gun 1 champ with pw/ icon of tzeentch

    well thats it, all comments welcome

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    Well, I'll give your list a try!

    Let's start off with the troops. The basic marines need to be moving a bit faster, so give them a Rhino. Special weapons seem to work better in pairs. Either go with 2 plasmas or 2 meltas. Plasma pistols on the champ are generally a bad idea. If you kill your own ~65 pt model that's not helping matters much! Your Berserker champ could use a Power Fist or Power Weapon, whichever you prefer.

    On to your Elites. I think that you will find that although the Possessed look good on paper, they rarely preform well. If you want to fill an elite slot, you would be better off fielding a 5 man unit of terminators with 4 combi plasmas, a chainfist and heavy flamer. Oddly enough this would be he same points as the possessed squad, and much more versitile.

    You have a good deal of points invested in HQ. And while that isn't neccessarily a bad thing, it isn't really that good either! The Prince, at least in this list, is the better of the two HQ's that you have. With that said, change the Gift of Chaos to a Doombolt or Wind of Chaos. With the points you've gained from dropping an HQ, I would add in a couple of Obliterators.

    Fast attack time. There is a neat thread about the uses of bikes. The general thinking is that these are the best set ups:

    3x Bikes - 2 Meltaguns

    5-6 Bikes, 2 Meltaguns, Champ w/ Fist, an Icon

    either one of these would do well in your list, but I think that the top set up would be good. You need some anti-tank and these guys do well to hunt out the enemy's armor.

    Anyway, it looks like you have some points left over, make sure to have a solution for a variety of armies. Good luck!

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