I'm an IG player, though I'm considering starting Chaos because of Thousand Sons (I love their apperance, fluff, Ahriman etc.). I'm wondering if an 1000/1500 points force based on/including thousand sons can be a 'competetive & all conditions army'. I believe they can be very effective against armies like sm, chaos, necrons due to their bolters ap but is it possible to make good use of them against less tough, horde armies (IG, tyranids,orks). I worked out the following list:
Deamon Prince: wings, mark of tzeentch, warptime [175]

5 Thousand Sons: Bolt of change, Rhino [207]

5 Noise Marines: 3 sonic blaster, blastmaster [155]

9 Raptors: Aspiring Champion (pair of lightning claws), 2 melta gun, mark of slaanesh [240]

1 Obliterator [75]

1 Obliterator [75]

1 Obliterator [75]

TOTAL: 1002

For the purposes of bigger batlles I plan to add 5 terminators and chosens.
What do you think ?
Thx for help in advance.