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    2000 pts friendly vs. imperial guard

    i used this list in the last game vs. my arch enemy (our imperial guard player). we call him "the emperor". it was my first victory over him and i dominated the whole game. here is the list. i will explain it later:

    prince, m. o. slaanesh, lash, wings - 155
    lord, m.o. tzeentch, powerweapon, bike, icon - 155

    marines (10) 2x melta, i.o.c.g. -> rhino, possession - 235
    marines (10) 2x melta, i.o.c.g. -> rhino, possession - 235
    marines (10) 2x melta, i.o.c.g. -> rhino, possession - 235
    zerkers ( -> land raider - 168

    terminators (4) chainfist (1) combomelta (3) - 150

    Heavy Support
    land raider, possession - 240
    obliterators (1) - 75
    obliterators (1) - 75
    predator, AC, hb (x2) - 100

    Fast Attack
    raptors (7) melta (2) i. o. khorne - 190

    POINTS: 2008
    INFANTRY: 53

    in my first turn all the tanks rushed forward as far as they could, used their smoke launchers and waited. one rhino with normal marines got immobilized at his first turn so i couldnt move it. the bike lord rushed his 24" forward, recieving a 2+ inv. roll. we played a mission in which we had to collect mission objectives and all my tanks delivered theyi deadly cargo exactly where i needed them. the raptors got to fight the whole time as well as the zerkers. they all did so much damage, i had to laugh all the time. especially when the prince used his lash to move my enemys heavy weapons and the bikelord delivered the terminators (which later killed a leman russ with the combo meltas). did i mention the imperial guard was reinforced with daemon hunters? those possessed are hard to kill, i tell you!

    im planning on achieving an even greater victory. maybe with some bikes and more raptors. i want to speed the hell out of him!

    now if youll please excuse me, im off to do my happy dance. :party:

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