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Thread: 1750 Khorne

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    1750 Khorne

    HQ - Daemon Prince - 140
    - Mark of Khorne, Wings

    Troop - 8 Chaos Space Marines - 200/50
    - Icon of Khorne, Meltagun, Aspiring Champion, Powerfist
    - Chaos Rhino, Extra Armor

    Troop - 8 Chaos Space Marines - 190/50
    - Icon of Khorne, Meltagun, Aspiring Champion, Powerweapon
    - Chaos Rhino, Extra Armor

    Troop - 8 Khorne Berzerkers - 208/50
    - Skull Champion, Powerfist
    - Chaos Rhino, Extra Armor

    Fast Attack - 8 Chaos Raptors - 250
    - Icon of Khorne, 2 Meltaguns, Aspiring Champion, Pair of Lightning Claws

    Fast Attack - 8 Chaos Bikers - 354
    - Icon of Khorne, 2 Meltaguns, Aspiring Champion, Powerfist

    Heavy Support - Chaos Predator - 105
    - Turret Autocannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsoons, Combi Bolter

    Heavy Support - Chaos Defiler - 150
    - 2 Additional Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons

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    I have a friend that ran the nearly the same exact list and he did very well with it. He trashed the list though cause CSM are apparently not for him. Now hes trying to make crappy ork lists so someone can beat him. Unfortunately no one has beaten his orks and now hes pissed.

    Although Im not too sure about the rhinos though. If you have first turn they are great to get your men up there quickly but if you go second one of them is bound to get shot at and have some damage on it.

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    I have a 2k khorne army and i have fielded plenty of different lists. Im not a big fan of space marine squads with the icon. The choice of having a melta is great but ill take a plasma pistol over it anyday. Being afraid of tanks is not a way to run khorne. Just get into CC and watch the tanks look stupid.

    Take the bikes away add another raptor squad or zerker squad. Why spend the 104 extra points on the bikes??

    The list is well balanced with much gun support but not too much a khorne army. Assault is your best friend

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