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    750 tourny Slaanesh

    Long time reader of the LO, first time poster. I need some advice on this list I'm making for a doubles tournament at my local GW store. Haven't ever played Chaos in a competitive setting but I'm giving it a shot.

    mark of Slaanesh
    Lash of Submission

    (6)Noise Marines
    3 sonic blasters
    Rhino W/Havoc Launcher

    Chaos Glory Icon
    Aspiring Champion

    Twin Vindicators

    750 total

    I never realized how little you get to work with at this point level! I'd like to say a huge thanks to Caluin for the wonderful Excel sheet he created, a big time saver.

    A few things I need to mention as to the make up of this list. My partner will be Space Wolves with a strong emphasis on close combat (big surprise huh?). So I'd like my list to be more of a firebase to back him up. Only real limitations I have are that it keeps a slaaneshi feel and includes a lash somewhere .

    The heavy choices are my biggest concern. I had planned on a predator but was gifted with a line breaker squadron. And haven't been able to justify getting one. I know I cant tell you what I'll be up against every round... but I know for sure that one team is a Chaos and Ork duo and that they will be our first opponents (and who else has noticed a huge influx of ork players? so I can count on more of those). Hence why I am leaning towards blast templates. Any advice is greatly appreciated and if you have any advice for my partner to better compliment me I'd be happy to pass it on.


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    This list is ok,

    However you should think about changing a few things.

    This is fine

    • Get rid of the rhino and equip the whole squad with all sonic blasters. The rhino is a waste of points. Use this squad to suppress the enemy troops.
    • Get rid of the Plasma gun and replace it with a power weapon on the Aspiring champion. Move the Rhino to this unit so they can get into close combat. Although by the sounds of it you don't need a CC unit for this tournament
    -Heavy Support-
    • Two vindicators is a good idea with a tournament of this size. You will be able to kill a lot of units fast. But two costs a lot of points and doesn't offer you a solution to your range problem.
    • Drop to one Vindicator and replace it with an some Oblitorators. This will give you some more flexible support.

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    All good advice from Laxwolf.

    It might be a good idea to find out what, exactly, your partner is going to use and post that in the forum along with your list. That would help people offering advice on your list a great deal.

    Personally, I would drop the Sorcerer in favor of a DP, switch the CSM squad to a second noise marine squad. To get points for these changes, drop the rhino.

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