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Thread: Against Orks

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    Against Orks

    Hashulaman, welcome to Librarium Online. In the future please post army lists thread in the army lists section at the top of this page. ~Rabbit

    Hello all, i just joined here. I am new to 40k (I've played fantasy for over a year now.) My first game is this friday against an Ork army. This is what I'm going to use.

    Daemon Prince
    Wings, Mark of Slannesh, Lash of Submission 155 points

    Terminator armor, Mark of Tzeentch, Winds of Chaos, Bolt of Change 185 points.


    10 CSM
    champion, 1 Heavy Bolter, Icon of Tzeentch. 215 points
    10 CSM
    Champion with power fist, Icon of Tzeentch, 2 meltas. 250 points

    10 Berserkers.
    Skull Champion. 225 points

    10 Plague marines.
    Champion with power fist, 2 plasma guns 300 points

    5 Terminators
    1 champion with dual lightning claws, 2 chain fists, 1 reaper auto cannon. 225 points

    10 Chosen
    Champion with power weapon and meltabombs, 2 plasma guns, Heavy bolter, Icon of Nurgle. 305 points.

    1 Dreadnought
    Extra Armor, Plasma Cannon. 120 points

    Heavy Support.
    1 predator
    Lascannon turret, Side Sponson Lascannons, pintle mounted twin linked bolter. Daemonic possession. 190 points.

    5 Havocs.
    1 auto cannon, 1 heavy bolter, 1 missile launcher, 1 lascannon, Icon of Chaos Glory. 175 points.
    1 defiler.
    Havoc missile launcher. 155

    2500. total

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    If I were you i would put a common weapon on the havocs, I think the autocannon is a great weapon as it can kill the ork light vehicles and troops easily. Not quite sure, but i think the lascannons on the pred is a little too much, a dakka pred (auto and heavy bolters) would be cost sufficient and help kill the mobs. Just 1 lascannon would be better I think. Everything looks pretty good, but I would try to get more guys on the field w/ more ranged weaponry.

    More guys= more attacks = more dead orcs = bigger BBQ

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    Let's see -

    Sajiisde hit the nail right on the head, I'd just like to expand on a few things.

    Autocannons on the havocs is a great idea and the pred set up will be a waste. A better predator set up would be an autocannon, 2 heavy bolters and a havoc launcher. Haven't gone up against the new orcs yet, but from the battles I had with the last codex, heavy bolters are going to be your best friend.

    Warptime on the Tzeentch sorcerer would be better than bolt of change. Remember - you can reroll missed shooting to hit and wound rolls with warptime. Wind of Chaos w/ Rerolls - that's just brutal.

    The troops look OK except for the CSM squads. The first is 10 men with one heavy bolter. You can easily switch this out for a havoc squad with 4 heavy bolters. Also, Mark of Tzeentch seems really out of place in that set up.

    Second one - same thing about the Mark, I think in both cases the Mark of Nurgle would be more helpful against Orks. 2 Meltaguns will be alright, since your opponent will probably be rushing his vehicles toward you and into meltagun range. Plasmas or flamers might serve you a little better though.

    Plague Marines & Berserkers - almost perfect - something that'll give the Orks a run for their money in CC. However, the Skull Champion could use a power weapon, or just ditch him.

    Terminators - they are alright. 2 chainfists is a bit much, maybe drop one for some combi-plasmas. Some people would rather go for a heavy flamer instead of the reaper, but I think the reaper will work nicely - assuming you get some flamers elsewhere.

    Interesting set up on the chosen. Looks like you're going for an all-purpose type unit, and I am not 100% sure what to say about it.

    Dreadnought - I like dreads. Not many chaos players do these days. A dreadnought close-combat weapon might not be so useful against Orks. Their armor save is low as is - so what about switching it out for a missile launcher?

    Defiler - Why not? I don't know if the Havoc Launcher is needed. Just sit back and lob pie-plates at your enemy.

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