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    2000 first try with new edition: tzeentch influenced

    Here's my first go at a list with the new codex, 2000 friendly points, infantry only. Ive decided i don't want to only use cult troops but i want the army to be influenced by a god, for the time being im settling on tzeentch....

    -Daemon Weapon
    -Mark Of Tzeentch

    Would a daemon prince be better here? i was originally planning on a sorceror but the MoT is way to expensive on them coupled with the cost of psychic powers.

    10 x Chosen
    -Icon of Tzeentch
    -4 Plasma guns
    -Aspiring Champion
    -Power Fist

    5 x Chaos Terminators
    -Icon of Tzeentch
    -4 x Combi Plasma/ Power Weapon
    -1 x Heavy Flamer/ Power Weapon

    10 x CSM
    -Icon of Tzeentch
    -2 Melta Guns
    -Aspiring Champion
    -Power Fist

    10 x CSM
    -Icon of Tzeentch
    -2 Melta Guns
    -Aspiring Champion
    -Power Fist

    9 x Thousand Sons
    -8 Rubric Marines
    -1 Aspiring Sorceror
    -Bolt of Change

    -3 Obliterators

    8 x Havocs
    -4 Autocannons

    9 x Lesser Daemons

    ARMY TOTAL = 2001pts

    BODY COUNT = 65 models, 0 vehicles

    The general strategy is to use the havocs and chosen as the primary firebase, staying stationary and establishing good LOS and pound the enemy with S7 guns. The Lord will march upfield with the two CSM squads, blasting away with deathscreamer then using wings to poince on the enemy once they get close enough. The obliterators and thousand sons, since they both have slow and purposeful, will work together, as the sons provide a good volume of fire since obliterators no longer have heavy bolters, the bolt of change being more of an emergency AT weapon, (im also very fond of it) The termies were originally marked for khorne, but to keep with the fluff they will now be more resilient than having better cc abilities (khorne and tzeentch dont mix) Finally the lesser daemons provide a cheap reserve cc unit that can be summoned just about anywhere as needed.


    2000pts Orks 4-2-1

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    HQ: Disc of Tzeentch could be fun but I would always go for a prince with wings and warptime. Adding Doombolt or Wind of chaos also helps as the warptime affects shooting as well as combat.

    Chosen: A but pricy but certainly powerful. These could be downgrades to a semi suicide 6 man unit with 4 plasma and no other upgrades to save points for elsewhere in the list but as they are they have many more uses sich as guiding in oblits, termies & daemons.

    Terminators: Fantastic. A single chainfist will come in handy against vehicles and monsterous creatures. Personally I would swap the flamer for a combimelta.

    CSM Squads: Without rhinos they will be at a disadvantage. I use footsloggers but those are plague marines and can take the punnishment on the long advance. I think your anti tank firepower could take swapping them for more thousand sons who can plod and lay down fire at the same time. Either do this or drop the icon for rhinos. Dropping an oblitterator for 2 rhinos could be good, the extra manouverability of mechanised meltas would partially make up for the drop in firepower.

    Thousand sons: Using bolt of change at vehicles wastes all those lovely inferno bolt shots at heavy infantry. Take Doombolt instead. A rhino would help but you can do without due to the slow & purpousful rule alowing you to fire and move at all ranges.

    Obliterators: Split them into 2 units

    Havocs: Not bad. I would probably go for 2 AC and 2 ML to help against larger vehicles.

    Daemons: ok.
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