need help new to chaos 2000 pt - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    need help new to chaos 2000 pt

    2 slannesh lords with lash 1 with demon weap the other with terminator armour

    9 korne bezerkers
    1 champion with a fist

    2x1 havoc squad of 8 with lascannons \\
    1 havoc squad with heavy bolters

    i was going to try to put the rest in troops and either add a greater demon or lesser demons
    i think this list could force the enemy to come to me unless they have whirl winds and stuff but i dont encounter that much thanks

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    I don't think you can give psy powers to chaos Lords, only to sorcerors and princes. I would swap your HQs for 2 daemon princes with wings and lash. They are quite resilliant and will give your counterattack ability a boost and can even chop up vehicles with 2D6+6 armour penetration.

    Las cannon havocs are very expensive and rather static. Enemy tanks can often keep out of line of sight of the unit forcing it to move and foregoe a shooting opportunity. Still you have 2 units of AT havocs and that should cut down the hiding opportunities. I recomend IoCG in each havoc unit as 2 casualties could force a morale test and since you deploy quite far back you could easily flee off table.

    To encourage the enemy to come to you swap berserkers for thousand sons. They can plod to 22" range and still fire then slowly plod backwards as the enemy approach. When the enemy near your havoc units they can plod to 10" range and rappid fire them into oblivion. The twin lash HQs can move enemy units backwards to give more time or drag a single unit forwards to be rappid fired at.

    Other units to buy would be standard 10 man CSM squads with say Misile launcher
    and plasma gun. Usually people like 2 special weapons to keep manouverability but if you are going static then these will do. A champ with powerfist will give more of a combat boost when the enemy finally arrive at your lines. IoCG could be useful but I suggest IoK for a combat advantage as thousand sons suffer in combat and cant be relied on. A second unit of thousand sons would also help.

    I wouldn't worry about whirlwinds too much. They aren't that accurate and the AP is poor. It is only a 6 turn game and 2 vehicles get 12 whirlwind shots. If 4 scatter to nothing that leaves 8 hits that will get say 3 marines each (lets be generous). 24 S5 hits makes 16 wounds meaning 5 dead after your armour saves. Hardly game winning. Indirect basilisks however could be a problem. Swapping one havoc squad for 3 oblits can give you a deepstrike ability to dig them out as could 5 terminators with combi plasma and a chain fist.
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