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    2k Emperor's Children; first attempt

    My room mate is building a chaos army and is in love with the slaaneshi lot; especially Lucius and the daemonettes. So she still likes her groups of six even if there are no bonus champions and whatnot, and intends to model faces all over the defilers with a pink paint job. What do you chaps make of the following:

    Lucius the Eternal
    Depending on mood either: Steed of slaanesh sorcerer or daemon prince with wings; both with lash of slaanesh. both cost the same; both let her use the worm mount from the slaanesh lord from WHFantasy
    Greater Daemon
    6 slaanesh termis: 4 combi plas, 1 chainfist, 1 HF, 1 pair LC (tentacles instead of tusks)
    6 slaanesh raptors: 2 melta, 1 twin lightning claws (yay for init)
    2 Defilers (likes her spider mechs a lot)
    6 slaanesh bikers: 2 meltas, 1 power weapon on champ (becfause bikes are sexy)
    2 X 6 noise marines: 6 blasters + doom siren: rhino
    2 X 6 lesser daemons (she likes her daemonette models)

    Icons are on termi's, raptors and bikes (as well as both HQ) for summoning. What is drastically missing/to be improved, or how could she better go about slaanesh and still include the models she wants.

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    The only major problem I see is a lack of long-ranged antitank.

    The terminators should deep strike. The LCs are unnecessary.

    The rhinos could use extra armor.

    A daemon prince can not have an icon, unfortunately.

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