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    The Nurgulators V

    Another sequel armylist from he who can not decide.


    Flank 1: Raptors move up with DP, drop the muthaload of pain, which is 4 termies with combi-plasmas and a Greater Daemon. And some Obliterators if necessary. Plague Marines footslog close behind to help out.

    Center: Plague Marines sit tight. Obliterator or two (if not deep striking them on flank 1) help out a little.

    Flank 2: Ignore. Let the enemy wait units trying to find targets when there aren't any. Alternatively, put 7 PMs here to bog down enemy units.

    Ok, onto the list:
    DP, wings, Mon, Warptime.
    Standard this one.

    Greater Daemon.
    More monstrous creatures? Yes please.

    3x7 PMs, 1 Plasma, 1 Melta and Champ with Powerfist.

    Went for versatility with 1 Plasma and 1 Melta as one unit will be off on their own on one of the flanks and might need to pierce some armour unassisted. Also needed to drop 5 points to fit in the GD, so switched from 2x2 Plasmas and 2xMeltas for this set up

    7 Raptors. MoN. 2xMeltas. Champ with Powerfist.

    Bodyguard for the DP. Fly up a flank and create carnage by deep striking Terminators and summoning GD.

    4 Terminators. 4xCombi-Plasmas.

    Forgeworld conversion kit looks awesome. While the Raptors shoot the armour with meltas, the Terminators shoot the infantry with plasmas.


    Some anti-tank.

    Total: 1498 points.

    Ok how is that? My reasoning was that by concentrating on one flank, I can overwhelm the opposition and score some easy kills. The refused flank will contain a lonely unit of PMs and maybe an Obliterator, who I think are tough enough to hold off more than their points worth of enemies for a few turns, especially if put in cover. Which they will be, since they aren't going to be moving anywhere. In the middle, the other PMs and a/some Obliterator/s. If I can get firelanes for the Obliterator/s that allow me to soften up the flank I attack, all the better. Say on my refused flank the enemy has lots of firepower, I would hope to avoid most of it by having most my army on the other flank.

    My plan hinges on where my Raptors are deployed, since they will bear the Icon for the deep strike of Terminators and be responsible for the summoning of the GD. During deployment, heavy support goes first, then troops, then fast attack. By seeing where my opponents heavy support is, I can better decide which flank to attack and which to avoid. Then there are the troops, which I spread out evenly, one on each flank and one in the center. By using a plasma and melta on each squad, I give no clue to what plan I have in mind for them. Then comes the fast attack, at which point my opponent has most of his army deployed, and I can easily pick on the weakest flank to crush.

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    Very good list and a well thought out plan, the only issue is 7 man raptor squad which is instrumental to your plan, A wise oppenent will pick this up and shoot the hell out of them which will sort of ruin your carfully laid out plan. Although I know 7 is the sacred number of nurgle and I know if you bulk up the squad it'll be harder to hide but (dare I say it) bulk it up a little mabye to 9 to make it a little more resilient, alternitavley, drop a squad of plague marines to get a second raptor squad of the same type, then you can play the trick on either flank if you place them on alternate flanks, then your opponent will never know which flank will be crushed mercilessly by a hoard of reinforcements, hope this helps,

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