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    Games Day Red Corsairs

    Well, I just discovered that the Games Day Tournament in LA this year is going to be 1,750 points instead of 1,500 (this will be my second Games Day, first as a participant in the tournament).

    I'm not really interested in winning so much as I am interested in testing myself and my list against competitive players and their lists, so I am not too concerned about ultra-competitiveness. However, I have no idea what to do with the last 250 points.

    This is what I have for 1,500 pts (and this list is about 75% built and I have no desire to change it, just letting you know for consideration).

    Huron Blackheart
    8 Berzerkers in a Rhino w/ EA (Huron rides with these guys)
    2x10 CSMs w/ 2 Meltas, AC w/ Fist, Rhino w/ EA
    5 Bikers (2 Meltas, AC w/ Fist)
    2 Dakka Predators (HB Sponsons)
    1 Las-Pred (Turret mounted LC, LC Sponsons)

    So I have two options that I've come up with to raise the list to 250 points, I am open to any suggestions though.

    First Option -

    10 CSMs, 2 Flamers, AC w/ Fist

    This option appeals to me because I want to model it as recent Renegades, using a mix of Loyalist/Chaos parts and color schemes, although I will model my bikers the same, so I was thinking either Raven Guard or White Scars. For these reasons, this is my top choice.

    Second Choice -

    Plasma Cannon

    4 Terminators
    2 Combi-Plasmas
    1 Heavy Flamer

    This one, I think, is a little more tactically flexible. The deep striking terminators are a bit weak, but are cheap and primarily serve to cause confusion and distraction in enemy ranks rather than carry the day. The dread is because I like dreads and it's hard to find things that are roughly 100 points without a dread.

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    I'd suggest going with the one you have more experience with. Which by your current list seems to be the CSM in a rhino. The dreddies and termies are nice, but if you're not experienced with him it'd be a lot easier to mess up with them.

    And they'd help with swarms. woot.
    Nurgle, the freshmaker.

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