2250-doom of altansaar - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2250-slaaneshy tournament

    tourney list - need comp


    Kal'al'Nikite' = keeper of secrets with musk ;- 220
    *i know people generally dislike musk but i really don't see a point in her sticking around after shes torn up the main str of the squad as far as i can see she's much better used to reduce them to 1/2 str then going off to do the same to another squad and leave the tattered rmains to some daemonettes

    veralidaine sarrassarii = herald with chariot, musk, might and an icon ;- 115
    *i'm sold on chariots she's cheap in every sense of the word lolz


    20 daemonettes with icon ;- 305
    *this unit single handedly pulled a draw from a massacre, total gold 80 rending hits on the charge and is so big is incredbly hard to get below 50%

    2 units of 15 with icon ;- 470
    *standard starter units used to survive the first turn and summon the rest a possible 60 rending on the charge dosn't hurt either

    3 units of 10 ;- 420
    *i thought about making another 2 units of 15 instead but thought this was more tactically flexible


    2 units of 3 feids 1 in each has might ;- 200
    *speedy tank hunters, as odd as it may seem they are perfectly suited to running down anything from russ to falcon and as long as they can adequately do that my grinders are free to tear through rank and file boosha

    heavy support-

    2 soulgrinders with phlegm ;-320
    *comone is anything really needed to justify .. they are just friggin awesome 8X

    Tor'ese = dp with musk, t.gaze, aura of asquience, mos, pavane of slaanesh, breath of chaos, might ;- 200
    *my lesser greater daemon, interesting side note tor uses the actual g'dub model while kal is from forgeworld

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    I would change the Soul Grinders to tounge rather than phlegm, you have enough to deal with hordes but with 5th edition looming you cant rely on rending to deal with our AT needs..
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