Hi guys. Ive got a 2,000 pt tourney up in the next two weeks, and Im halfway through buying constructing a force for it (organised I know!). I was wondering if you guys can give me some help, as Im new(ish) to Chaos and only a casual 40K player (fantasy tourney normally for me).

My list is of the Dark Angels Fallen, consisting of no vehicles at all, no lesser daemons and no marks at all (although IoCG is ok I guess). I know I want to include some units, but Im not sure how to arm them, and I also havent glues together special / heavy weapon guys yet, so their armaments can change (bar termies)

no idea / nothing assembled

Elites- 4 Chaos Termies, one with chainfist / Hvy Flamer 140 pts
(I also have 2 dudes w/ Claws, but Im not able to buy anymore of these guys, so its leave as is or drop all together)

- Chosen? no idea how to arm / unassembled

Troops- 10 marines, 2 plasmas & AC with Fist 210 pts

- 10 marines, 2 plasmas & AC with Fist 210 pts

- 10 marines, las / Plas & AC with Fist 185 pts

- 10 marines, Autocannon 180 pts

Fast- 3 bikers w/ 2 meltas 119 pts

- Raptors? - no idea how to arm / unassembled

Heavy- 2 Oblitserators 150 pts

- 8 Havocs, 4 Missiles 200 pts

- 8 Havocs, 2 autocannons, 2 heavy bolters 190 pts

I have roughly 400 pts to cover gaps and get some Hqs