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    2250 pts..somthing old somthing new

    This is a new army i am working on for a 2250 point tournament. I have added some stuff..and have left in my old core of 4 8 man squads of plague marines. Tell me what you think?

    Sons of pestilence 2250 death guard
    Demon Prince (wings, MoN, Warp time) 175
    Demon prince (wings, MoN, Warp time) 175
    Greater daemon of nurgal 100

    8 plague marines: Champion (PF), 2x Meltaguns, Rhino (smoke, search lights) 279

    8 plague marines: Champion (pf); 2x plasma (Rhino, search light, smoke,) 289

    8 plague marines: 2x plasma:Champion(PF) (rhino, searchlight, smoke) 289

    8 plague marines: Champion (PF); 2 meltaguns (Rhino, smoke, searchlight) 279
    10 chosen: 2 flamers,2melta guns, (champ) MoK 260
    2 Obliterators 150
    2 Obliterators 150
    Predator Auto cannon, heavy bolters 100
    Pts 2250pts

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