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    CHAOS APOCALYPSE: 4,000pts

    CHAOS APOCALYPSE: 4,000pts

    This list is designed to be used against Imperial troops, usually including IG Tank Comapanies (with a Baneblade), Daemonhunters, and various SMurfs. It's most likely to be played as part of a 8,000 a side games.

    Winged Chaos Lord: Wings, Combi-Melta, Deamon Weapon [160pts]

    Winged Chaos Lord of Khorne: Wings, MoK, Combi-Melta, Pair of Lightning Claws [160pts]

    Mounted Chaos Sorcerer of Slaanesh: MoS, Mount, Lash of Submission [155pts]

    Squad of 10 Chaos Space Marines: 2x Plasmagun. Champion has a Power Fist [220pts]

    Squad of 10 Chaos Havocs: 4x Plasmagun. Champion has a Power Fist [250pts]

    Squad of 10 Possessed: IoK [290pts]

    Squad of 8 Chaos Raptors: IoK, 2x Meltagun. Champion has a Power Fist [250pts]

    Squad of 7 Chaos Raptors: 2x Meltagun. Champion has Melta Bombs and a pair Lightning Claws [205pts]

    Squad of 8 Plague Marines: 2x Plasmagun, Plague Champion has Power Fist [248pts]
    Squad of 8 Plague Marines: 2x Plasmagun, Plague Champion has Power Fist [248pts]

    4 Squads each of 1x Obliterator: [300pts]

    Chaos Land Raider: Extra Armour, Dozer Blade [240pts] <<Usually carries the Possessed, if not then the Havocs>>

    Bloodreaper of Khorne: <This is a Plaguereaper of Nurgle but made as a Khorne model> Havoc Launcher, Twin-Linked Bolter [470pts] <<TL Bolter because I play WYSIWYG>>

    Brass Scorpion of Khorne [400pts]

    Silver Tower of Tzeentch [400pts]


    The protection offered by the Silver Tower, can be extremely powerful early in the game. Once my opponents realise how useful it is, they pour fire on it, till it dies. Itís especially useful on round 1 if the enemy goes first.

    Both Lords have been very successful for me in past games.

    As ever, comment and criticism appreciated <<please donít recommend a Daemon Weapon for my Khorne Lord, as I really donít like it at all>>

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    How big is the table? You need to be able to cross it fast.
    I would recomend multiple Silver Towers protecting lots of Raptors. Get icons in fast. Then teleport a rock hard Chaos Annihilation Force with, let's say; Typhus, 1 unit of 5 Terminator Champions with Lightning Claws and IoK, 2 units of Karmoon special and 2 units of 3 termies with 1 reaper autocannon in each squad.
    Don't take Land Raiders, spend the points on rhinos instead. In Apocalypse, the enemy will kill Land raiders as easily as rhinos. Teleport anything that can. Infiltrating chosen are great. They bring Icons halfway across the table.
    Take as many boots as you can. Dreadclaw drop berzerkers into the SMurfs and Guard. Fist the tanks or shoot them with the Towers.

    Chaos is fast, use that. Everything needs to be mobile!!
    Last edited by Mr_Wayne; June 24th, 2008 at 23:09.
    "The more choices you force the opponent to make, the better the chance for you to capitalize on his mistakes"

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    deep striking/teleporting has changed under 5th ed and an army that relies on it can be whittled down b4 it turns up.

    if a unit doesn't land on target, 1-2 its dead, 3-4 the oppoent can move it anyhere on the table, including impassible terrain (not nice for raptors/jump troops, dead on a 1. have to test on landing, moving, and exiting ), 5-6 unit goes back into reserves.

    raiders have a place in apocalypse, but only as well armoured transports. once cargo delivered than use as fixed points

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