Okay, so there are no up-to-date cultist rules atm. This is a very sad thing, as I've been wanting to make a cultist army for years now.

I've made this list using the current Chaos codex, with allied Chapter Approved cultists (rules found in the 3rd Edition Chapter Approved I think, AKA the Second Book of the Astronomican). I guess it'll have to do as a temporary list until GW releases some new cultist rules.

Just thought I'd post this to see what the other cultist fans think. I guess the other option is the LatD rules, but I like these more. I'm thinking of modeling the Nurgle Lord using an Obliterator model, and everyone else will be based on Chaos Marauders with gas masks - the cutists will just be running around with loincloths and tottoos, while the CSM's will be loaded down with armor plates and mutations.

HQ [125]
Chaos Lord w/ termi armor, combi-plasmagun, power weapon

T1 [95]
6 Chaos Space Marines w/ 5 Bolters, 1 Flamer

T2 [90]
24 Chaos Cultists:
- 12 w/ ccw only
- 9 w/ laspistol+ccw
- 2 Flamers
- 1 Demagogue w/ laspistol+ccw

T3 [90]
same as above