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    First try 1500pts multi-gods

    So i just got the Chaos Daemons codex for my birthday today so please forgive the little mistakes. Also is there any way for a lord of change to function at this lv of points. I really like the greater turkey, this would be how i run him LOC: master of sorcery abd breath weapon-290. Now onto the army list

    HOK: jugger,furryok and unholy might:130
    2XHOS: chariot,gaze,soporific musk, unholy might: 190

    2X Bloodcrushers with icon:105
    6X Flamers: 240

    10X Bloodletters:160
    10X plaguebearers, instrument of chaos, icon: 180
    10X Horrors: Bolt of Tzeentch, Icon, Changeling:210

    6X Seekers, gaze107

    heavy: 170
    Deamon prince: iron hide, MOT,bot: 170

    Total:1492 so what do you guys think?

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    The LOC is very handy, he provides some much needed AT firepower and HtH killiness. The 3+ invulnerable and solid stats make him very survivable. Master of Sorcery isn't really needed on the big bird as MCs fire two weapons anyway.

    Fury of Khorne is unnecessary as rending is nerfed in 5th edition and he only has a few attacks. It just isn't worth the points.

    Heralds of Slaanesh are pretty soft, they'll get ruined by multi-shot weapons and won't hit that hard in HtH.

    Flamers work best in smaller units so you can spread the Breath of Chaos loving around, also they are extremely brittle so smaller units are easier to hide.

    Bloodcrushers are fantastic in combat, but they're slow so you'll need speedy units to tie the enemy down so the crushers can get in.

    Plaguebearers are fantastic icon bearers but can't do much else but survive. I'd take 2 units with icons, one in each wave so you'll always have one to summon daemons from.

    Seekers are great, take more if you can to tie down the enemy.

    The DP needs another shooting power as MCs can fire two weapons, Gaze is nice and cheap and complements Bolt well against MEQs and light vehicles.

    Hope that helps
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    HoK: Not keen on him. Look at the difference between him and having another 3 blood crushers to add to the two you have. Now the unit would get plenty more attacks and be much more survivable.
    HoS: Chariots are vulnerable so keep them cheap. Drop might and musk and due to their poor BS probably drop gaze. Pavine would be nice but the hit chance makes it less effective.

    Elites: An icon in a 2 strong bloodcrusher unit won't last long. Remember icons cannot have an effect until turn 2 at the earliest and sometimes have to survive until turn 4-5 to get used. Upgrade to 5 strong as stated above. Flamers are great but split into 2 units of 3.

    Troops: Look good but the icon on the horrors may not be used that often as you should be keeping the range open with them.

    Fast: Fine. A bit vulnerable but fast and hard hitting. Putting 10 horrors in a line can make a good LOS blocker until you are ready to make the charge.

    Heavy: With his good invulnerable save you can probably drop iron hide. With the points saved above you could even try to buy 2 of these.
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