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    1500 Mobile Chaos Undivided

    Figured i'd post the list i've been collecting models for slowly. Its undivided with an emphasis on getting up close with good close range firepower and reasonable CC ability against most regular troops.

    Sorcerer w/ GoC or WoC OR Lord w/ Daemon Weapon OR DP w/ Wings - 130

    10 Chaos Marines w/ Champ, Fist, 2x Melta, IoCG, Rhino - 255
    10 Chaos Marines w/ Champ, Fist, 2x Melta, IoCG, Rhino - 255
    9 Chaos Marines w/ Champ, PW, Flamer, IoCG, Rhino - 216

    3 Bikes w/ 2x Melta - 119
    3 Bikes w/ 2x Melta - 119

    Vindicator w/ DP - 145
    Vindicator w/ DP - 145

    8 Lesser Daemons - 104


    I've been debating between using the 2 units of 3 Bikes or using 2 units of 5 Raptors - The bikes are more mobile but the Raptors are more survivable when in combat or shooting.


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    Decent looking list, but I think you're spreading yourself between goals just a tid bit too much.

    First, for your HQ choice, consider that the Sorc with WoC riding with the flamer squad in the Rhino would be a very nice way to distill your opponent's front line. That could put a hurt on even the hardest of squads with the accompanying bolter fire.

    The two Vindis is the weak link in the list overall, though. Just about everything else is set up for a good, assault driven force. You don't want too many pie plates blowing in the wind, and landing on your own. I'd suggest cutting one, and going with a Pred instead. That'd give you some more direct fire, and AV backup.

    As for your fast options, I like the suicide biker squads. They can be pesky. Really, either would work fine, but you may also want to think about just one slightly larger, and better upgraded squad of Raptors - meltas or flamers, AC with LCs, icon of some sort. That's nice versatility.

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