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    Mech CSM - 1500 pts.

    Hello there!

    Please, comment on this competetive csm mech list if you like.


    1 Daemon Prince
    - Wings
    - MoS
    - Lash of Submission

    1 Summoned Greater Daemon

    255 pts


    10 Chaos Space Marines
    - 2 Plasmaguns
    - IoCG
    - AC: Power Fist
    - Trans: Rhino (Extra Armor)

    270 pts

    10 Chaos Space Marines
    - 2 Flamer
    - IoCG
    - AC: no extras
    - Trans: Rhino (Extra Armor)

    235 pts

    10 Khorne Berzerkers
    - SC: Power Fist
    - Trans: Rhino (Extra Armor)

    300 pts


    3 Vindicators
    - Daemonic Possession

    435 pts

    = 1495 pts

    +5 pts for odd equipment.

    Against all enemies. 5th edition.

    Straightforward mech list. Rhinos and Vindis to shield each other. Shoot & drive or shoot & melee, whatever appropriate. AC in second CSM squad acts as host for the Greater Daemon, but it can be called to the other one if need be.

    Apparent weakness is the lack of long range at weaponry, could be remedied by removing one Vindi for a Pred, but I am very fond of the Vindi indeed.

    Thank you for your patience.

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    Hey there! Welcome to LO!

    That list looks pretty solid to me, I love the concept of 3 vinicators. Against horde armies you can hold back and whittle them down before launching a counter charge with the berzerkers. Against shooty armies you can rush forward in your rhinos, and use the vindy's for support.

    The lack of range wont be a problem provided you move into position on the first turn, and you can always lash units forward to get them in range.

    Good stuff!


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    Oh look, a Winged Prince with Lash...
    (Now that that's out of the way)

    The list looks good. I'd say add at least one Pred, but you're fully aware of your lack of range.
    So long as you play in to that, you can make up for it with good movement and deployment. Demonic Possession is a good choice, since it will keep you moving.

    I might suggest changing the Skull Champion's Fist to a plain old Power Weapon.
    You have other vessels in your army for Fists, so go ahead and use the SC's Furious Charge rule and get some more kills in before the enemy can hit back. Doing that will give you 15 extra points (when counting your current 5 extra), so you can put a Power Weapon on the blank Champion, letting him do some damage in case the Greater Daemon is running late.

    Or you can put Melta Guns in for the Flamers. But I'd put them with the Fist Champion, and they can then be your "Big Thing" hunters. The Meltas will punch through any Armor Saves, and on some models may even cause Instant Death (Like Chaos Lords...). If they have any wounds left, the Fist can then charge in and punch some faces. Meanwhile, the Plasma Guns can weaken whatever, then you can bring in the Greater Daemon to finish things off.

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