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    1000pt Slan / Nurgle list

    I'm looking at building a 1000pt army list for 5th edition that will give a good challenge to whoever vs it. But not really aiming to take it to tournaments.

    Sorcerer w/ MoS + flight + Lash of Submission
    145 pts

    Dread w/ plasma cannon + ML
    105 pts

    8x marines, IoCG, 1x melta, AC w/ power fist, combi melta + Rhino
    225 pts

    8x plague marines, 2x plasma, PC w/ Fist + Rhino
    289 pts

    8x raptors, IoS, 2x melta, AC w/ lightning claws
    240 pts


    This is pretty much the army I want to build my only questions come with tweaking it. And I was hoping by posting it here I could here some of your thoughts on the idea's I have and your experiance with CSM

    Here are the different ways I could go with this list as far as I can see.

    #Replace the Sorcerer with a DP with the same build
    #Change some of the weapon combo's of the Dreadnaught although in such a small point limit this setup might give the biggest bang for its buck
    #The Marines could add two extra bodies Or swap their mark for one of slaneesh giving both this unit and the raptors the higher stats allowing strike first vs SM.
    #The PM's seem like a solid setup as they are I'm not sure if there is anything I could change about them for the better.
    #The Raptors are the biggest concern for me I'm not sure that in a 1000pt game the 8 raptors + Sorc might be a bit overkill all in just 1 squad
    #If I ended up taking the DP I could see this squad needing to be the size it is and maybe dropping one of the melta's since all 5 entries will be able to deal with tanks in one form already as it is.
    #But maybe this list would be more effective if I dropped one of the melta's from this squad as well as the AC with lightning claws and bought more marines for squad1 and maybe upgraded them to MoS.

    Most of the Viable changes I can see would be from (sorc to DP) (Increase of marines in squad1 or mark of slaneesh) (Change of raptors size and equipment)

    I'd love to hear any idea's and or feedback of your thoughts on this list.


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    I actually thin this list is fantastic. Lash to Plasma the **** out of squads as well as bringing squads into first turn rapidfire range etc. Plague Marines for more plasma goodness as well as objective holding potential. Walkers are intense in 5th so nice to see a dreadnought in there. I might even try this list myself. *Repped
    "I did my first model at the age of 7"

    Wow. When I first read that I misinterpreted it. Bad.

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