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    1000 pts. Ahriman's Chosen

    Well, with the release of 5th I am building a new army. This is my second. I read an old white dwarf that had Tzeentch in it and I had 2000 points of chaos but no direction. I thought I'd do something a little different after reading about Ahriman and make an army based around him. He's my main man, every list will have to include him, for batter or worse. Hopefully for better, and with having to use him every game will also lead to me being quite the ahriman master. I have however never used him. Please, look over my list, give me all the advice you care to type. Recommend any unit, that way I'll get ideas on what models to get next, if I don't already have them.

    I'm doing 1000 because I like to start small. Get to know my units and their functions before I have too many. With a nice small game I can focus on each one and more directly see their effectiveness.

    If you also have any advice or know of a tactica for Ahriman himself I'd appreciate that too.

    Ahriman 250

    10 Marines- 2 plasma guns, Aspiring Champion with power sword and combi- plasma 220

    10 marines- 2 plasma guns 180

    5 marines- plasma gun 90

    Obliterator 75

    Obliterator 75

    5 Raptors- 1 melta gun or 2 flamers(help with this one) 110


    I don't know what would be a better use of the raptors. Probably the flamers. I think I need help against hordes. I've got a pretty low model count. Ahriman and the potentially deep striking oblits should be enough against vehicles in 1000 points. All the plasmas should be enough for light vehicles/terminators/monstrous creatures.

    But if I face orks or gaunts I think I'll really be glad I have them and they are on a fast but small so easily concealable unit so I think they'll have a good chance to get in position. Thanks.

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    Ahrimans chosen?

    No offense but Ahriman's chosen? It can't really be called Ahrimans chosen if the list doesnt include any Thousand sons or atleast marines with the mark of tzeetch. Ahriman is a crazy character but he's a quarter of your army in a thousand points. The raptors are nice but theres only 5 of them which, if targeted, may die easy. And the only really anti-tank is the two oblitz but they are very good. It seems like your hoping for the best....but always plan for the worst when playing. sorry to sound like a jerk about the list but it can be improved alot and maybe work around Ahriman.

    Hq......Ahriman must stay if your list is based around him (isn't really worth it in a small list though it can be considering its a small force)

    Troops......well thier chaos marines so i guess there ok but i would possibly take out the combi-melta and even the 5 man squad. i know capture missions but 5 man isnt too too great if thier bare bones. you could sub them to complete your raptors. And trust me... hoping the plasma guns with take out terminators doesnt work aswell.....terminators, if they live, your guy will most likely be chomped in hand to hand. Though there is the chance to live.

    Heavy.......oblitz are amazing so keept them, if you sub out the 5 man i recommend the third or some raptors.

    and raptors......like i said really good in a bigger group so if not sub maybe? but they are fun to use...adds some variety.

    if you wanted to have fun with that 5 man squad drop the combi-plasma form the first squad and like something else to free up the points to make them a havoc squad with 4 missle launchers.

    Ahriman takes alot of your options away but the end game with him as your leader is thousand sons

    good luck, hope this helped somewhat or gave ideas....sorry for being blunt in the begining.

    add me on msn i'll message you

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