2000 - Khornes Fist - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 - Khornes Fist

    Right before anyone says, i know the DP's have Mark of Nurgle, but I think T6 is a better representation of a Daemon Prince. Anyway, this list is not for Tournaments or anything like that, its just something to play against my friends etc. We all try to get semi-strong armies while trying to get some fun things in there, hence Boon of Mutation. Anyway, heres the list:


    Skulltaker - Juggernaut


    x7 Bloodcrushers - Chaos Icon(add in Skulltaker makes unit of


    x3 Units of 8 Bloodletters - Chaos Icon

    Fast Attack

    x16 Fleshhounds - Karanak, Fury of Khorne

    Heavy Support

    x3 Daemon Princes - MoN, Noxious Touch, Iron Hide, Breath of Chaos, Boon of Mutation

    Total - 1944 (hard to find anywhere else to spend the left over points)

    In tournaments this list would probably get raped from all directions but for games with my friends its provided some good laughs. In one game my DP's managed to transform 12 of my opponants guardsmen into Spawn, in a game against an Ork i turned both my friends warboss and weirdboy into a spawn and Skulltaker took down 2 Wraithlords in one combat.

    As for the left over points i was thinking of possibly dropped 8 of the hounds and converting the new Coldones for the Dark Elves to represent flamers. Will try to find some suitable wings and hopefully they'll look half decent. If anyone has any ideas or comments on the list or this idea please let me know.

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    HQ: Not keen on him as a unit of 4 bloodcrushers is better in combat and at resisting shooting. Still you have to have an HQ so why not.

    Elites: Good. Maybe a little large. If they are too powerful enemy will just run away from them.

    Troops: Need more to capture objectives. You can drop an icon to make the units stronger.

    Fast: Hounds are better at engaging units in combat untill bloodletters or bloodcrushers turn up to enforce the kill. I suggest splitting into 3 squads to enable you to tie up more enemy units.

    Heavy: You can't take both breath of chaos and boon of mutation on the same model (unless you have MoT). Drop Boon from each. Get Cloud of flies (it's so cheap and allows you to use the lovely I5 when assaulting into or out of cover). You could take Aura of decay as a second power but I wouldn't.

    Extra points should be spent on more troops in 10 man units if you can. You will need 40 to 50 bloodletters I think.
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