1000 pt Semi-Competitive Multi god Army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1000 pt Semi-Competitive Multi god Army

    The Masque (100 pt)

    3x Flamers of Tzeentch (105 pt)
    3X Fiends of Slaanesh (90 pt)

    Fast Attack
    3x Screamers of Tzeentch (48 pt)

    10x Bloodletters - Chaos Icon (185 pt)
    10x Bloodletters (160 pt)
    10x Daemonettes- Instrument of Chaos, Chaos Icon (170 pt)
    Daemonettes (140 pt)

    Total: 998 pts

    I plan to split the army up as follows Bloodletters (With Icon), Fiends, Daemonettes (W/o Icon) and Masque as Favored and obviously Flamers,Bloodletters, Daemonettes and screamers as unfavored.

    Ideally I would like to get into close combat and tie things up so I can make use of the Flamers and the screamers. The biggest problem this army has is there is not much range but its a Daemon army so it should be expected.

    The screamers are basically suicide bombers if I can get them into any tank then they have done there job. If they take one out they make way more then their points back.

    The flamers I just think are amazing all together. To my understanding they can DS 6" away from an Icon and then shoot their breath of chaos is this true? Thats basically what I would use them for. My friends play Orks, Nids and IG. So I have a feeling Flamers are going to be quite nice.

    My Bloodletters and Daemonettes are the bread and butter of the army. Not only are they monsters in close combat but I can use them to DS to capture a free point if they stay in reserves till turn 4.

    My original list had 6 Fiends of Slaanesh my god they are amazing with 5 attacks each 2 wounds rending and hit and run but i figured for 1000 pts I could better spend the extra 90 pts so I chopped it down to 3. (Plus its cheaper on the wallet )

    I have always been a fan of controlling my opponents in any game I have ever played. This made picking the Masque as my HQ very easy. I'm not sure about all the new rules but if I use her to make units block other units line of sight do I get a 4+ save? I remember hearing that somewhere. It may not be useful since I should be in close combat all the time but you never know.

    I'm semi new to the game. I started an ork army but stopped as the models were just to boring to paint...So I haven't actually played many games maybe 2? But I have watched countless games.

    That being said any constructive criticism is welcome I'm a big boy. Its not to late to change it as all I currently have is The codex, 20 Bloodletters and 3 flamers. Let me know what you think. Thanks a lot

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    Mean list. Seems very effective. You might want to give icons to both the units of bloodletters because they are much more resilient thatn the daemonettes. When you use flamers basically you deepstrike them kill a unit and then they get shot down as your opponent realises how effective they are. Taking out imperial guard squads is a waste of their amazing flamers so try and aim for their more ecpensive squads and let your troops take care of these ig troops.
    "I did my first model at the age of 7"

    Wow. When I first read that I misinterpreted it. Bad.

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